Friday, February 14, 2014

Exactly 3 years ago from today

It was exactly 3 years ago from today,
when I first rooted in Singapore, officially.

IF only I had a smartphone

I still remember it was the third time in my life stepping into Singapore.
I was still using my Sony Ericsson W800 with a few buttons dropped off
I wasn't familiar with MRT/Bus routes, at ALL.
I had no fucking idea where the hell was Orchard/Bugis, not even the few places which I have heard of the names when I was back in Malaysia.
I still remember the need for me to google at home before I head out some where each time.
I still remember the need for me to count the bus stops (very stressful I'd tell you).
I still remember the need for me to ask for directions from the pedestrians each time I got lost.
I still remember the need for me to adapt to long distance relationship.
I still remember the need for me to limit the number of international messages sent in order to manage the amount I spend on phone topups.
I still remember the need for me to pretend everything was alright just not to let those who care for me worry for me.
It was really tough, I admit.

The least I wished was to have a smartphone the other time, it would have been much eazier.

IF only I am as millionaire as you think I am

It tickles me each time when people comes up with sarcastic remarks taking for granted as though people who work abroad, earn foreign dollar, have bottomless cash to spend. Again, I would have to remind these people, we spend the same currency as the currency we earn. We left home, gone abroad to earn extra penny, mainly to save and to spend on our loved ones, NOT to be Mr. Treat-Everyone-and-Everymeal when we are back; When we have extra penny to spend on you, we definitely will because we hope you understand that we have our commitments too. Rental itself costs about SGD600-700, how about that?

IF only it was as easy as you think it was

Even better when some assumed that coming over to work in Singapore was as easy as snapping fingers. Finding a job in Singapore, is not as easy as some of you may think it is, especially for a fresh grad from a foreign university. Though being a First Class honour graduate myself, I am not ashamed to disclose that I have spammed more than 100+ job applications across Jobstreet, Jobsdb etc. I would not be surprise if 1 in 10 of the companies in Singapore today would already have a copy of my resume in their resume bank; Ok, I was just exaggerating. But, really no joke, the return rate was like 1 in 30. No, it wasnt my resume, its the experience and exposure being prerequisite that matters (at least this was what I was told by various hiring agents) ; every firm wanted someone experience, or at least familiar with Singapore's external environment and working culture. I had none (except part time experience which didn't help at all). Well, honestly, with my understanding of the competitive business platform here in Singapore vs globalized work force pool available, I don't blame them, the employers, at all, because even when I spend a couple of dollars buying vegetable in the market, I will make sure I pick the best vegetable and to make sure its worth every penny spent. There was why I was so close in taking up the offer of a management trainee job which starting pay was just SGD 1250 as all I wanted was just a stepping stone (yes, it wasnt a typo, SGD 1250 for real). However, I was lucky enough to got myself into a much bigger firm (was informed by a relative about the job vacancy) just minutes before I said yes to the other company. And yes, 14 Feb 2011 was when I first started working in Singapore. 

What happened thereafter are too sensitive to be elaborated here; anyway here are some hints; I will leave it to your imagination to fix the puzzle:-


Have I regretted? 

Dont get me wrong as though I was trying to show how pitiful I was. Just a gentle reminder that this is my blog, so I can write and record anything about my life as much as I want so that I will have some stories to share with my grandchildren in the future.

Throughout the three years of working here, I have gotten the chance to meet and greet a couple of celebrities, attended some concerts (some are paid, some are sponsored)

Ah Nan 2011 - local act 
(who have passed away)

The Suede 2011 (Sponsored)

The Script 2011 (Sponsored) & The Script 2013 (Paid)

SUM 41 2012 (Paid)

Some local acts-wannabes (sponsored, I think)

Oh ya, 
and your highness right smack in the big screen @ION Orchard.

Back to topic, of course, 
there were many things which didn't happen as 
what I have expected/planned before I came over, 
but I will keep my fingers crossed and have faith that everything will alright:-

Last but not least,
or rather the main point of this post,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude 
to each and everyone who have 
lend me a helping hand when I was in deep shit trouble, 
held me when I was down, 
gave me encouragement when I was demotivated.
I remember each and everyone of you,
from those of you who have helped me back in uni (lecturers/coursmates/seniors/juniors),
to those of you who have helped me when I was in Kinetic Worldwide (internally & externally),
to those of you who have stayed with me in Bukit Merah View(especially)/current,
to those of you who I have hung out/partied with (bloggers/randomly-connected friends),
to those of you in Apple who have made my life here wonderful (including those who have left),
to those of you back in Malaysia who have always been there for me(Friends and family),

All of you are the pillars that hold my life, 
A single pillar missing, and my life is fucked ruined.

I, Thank You.
Very Very Much.

Oh ya, 

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you <3>
and Happy Singlentine's Day to myself


Saturday, May 4, 2013

救救大马 Save Malaysia

I used to be proud to tell the whole world being a
True Malaysian

I am afraid...
will no longer be something to be proud of.

This Identification Card doesn't mean a shit anymore.

If BN wins

These guys will be part of us.
More to come 

What that struck my mind when I saw Ali Gostan's banner along the road

Remember back in secondary school, whenever any minister visits,
the entire school has to pop champagnes to welcome them
as a form of appreciation for the "donation"to school
WHEN the donation was supposed to be part of entitlement from the ministry 
People don't name "Ministry of Education" for nothing!

It irks me when millions of true Malaysians are struggling to obtain their Rakyat's entitlements

It irks me when thousands of true Malaysians are struggling to obtain basic needs for living

It irks me when thousands of true Malaysians are struggling to obtain a blue IC

It irks me when thousands of true Malaysians are still living in the dark

It irks me when thousands of Malaysians are still being ignorant

It irks me when thousands of Malaysians still don't care

When these foreign Malaysians are going to take over their seats in this country

When these foreign Malaysians are going to be their kids' employer in the future

When these foreign Malaysians are going to be part of the government in the future

Are you going to exchange your kids' future with RM500/RM3000?

Your greed earns you five hundreds 
you are going to repay 
with FIVE generations!







5•5 : 1758!


Disclaimer: all photos featured in this post were grabbed from FB.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


姓", "新币的", 
全名叫赚新币的”(英文名为 Zhuan Sin Peter)
每当回马亲戚朋友都会讲‘Zhuan Sin Peter到了



当, 受万众瞩目的三年感情结束了
当, 你发现你的生活过了三分一


这时候,肯定会有鸟人说看他在那自怜, 那条路还不是他自己选的"




所经历的  磨练、歧视 (年龄/国籍)








Thursday, September 27, 2012

Que Sera, sera

Hi. I am back...

Just to share some thoughts I had in mind, which might or might not make sense.

Human are like vessels who are preloaded with containers of burdens & problems; ought to move towards the destination(aim in life) within a given specific timeline (before one passes away). A vessel which is overloaded with containers might still float and sail as usual but as much as a vessel can sail overloaded, whether it will be able to reach its destination, it is still subjected to external 
uncertainties, eg. weather & geographical condition.

#Cruel fact 101: nobody will remember you until you sink; Just like how everbody remembers Titanic. 

Moral of the story:

People will remember you only after you have sunk; Hence, live for nobody, but yourself. Entirely, its your life, your journey. Just like the wind, judgemental/negative comments will tend to sway you away from your planned route or to sink your vessel even; what you need is just a solid anchor(faith) to believe in what you believe.

Que sera, sera 
(whatever will be, will be) 
 = ) 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My habitual actions.


1) *Snaps a photo of myself from a really high angle with cheeks puffed

2) *Mobile upload

3) *Caption "I iz So Fat :( "

4) *Tag myself

5) *Tag all of my friends, my lecturers, my dogs, my cats, my hamsters, my Ex(es), my girlfriend1, girlfriend 2,3,4,5,6,999

6) *Stares at the screen

7) *Continuously pressing F5

8) *xxx has commented on your photo -

9) *Smirks because someone is fatter than me!

10) *Goes to sleep

11) Wakes up & repeat 1-10.

I iz happy everyday!