Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Death Note

If I die today,
What is left?
Just stacks,
just tonnes,
of pending assignments.

Will you please bury them with me,
I would not be bored.
they have poisoned me.
I can't leave without them.
In fact,
I am obsessed with them.

to every college students,
they are bonus.
Even you dont complete them,
you still pass.
to every scholarship holders,
they are compiled with sourness;
plus an emo activator.
You dont complete them,
you dont do well,
you sell your body and your soul,
to pay!

Its a sudden death game,
that is no you no me.
It is you and grades.
How many times will you be repeating it?
Point with your fingers,
count the semesters.
How would you feel,
if you are forced to fck around everyday?

Fairy tale once told that,
Sec education was the last wall,
to be leaped over.
I have leaped over carefuly and nicely,
there are four walls around me,
they are triple height of the previous one.
Was I trapped?
Can you safe me?
No, you can't.
Coz you just lied the truth.
Instead, can you please,
do me a favour?

Take a knife,
stab me from the back,

till I close my eyes.
Because, I have at least 7 pending assignments.

"Lord,please bless me with hardwoking-ness when I reborn."

1 comment:

Zellez said...

hmmm.... assignments kill...yeahh i agree.... but one thing u gotta know , u allowed ur laziness in u. so...try to b discipline pal !