Monday, October 15, 2007

Dim Sum?

This would be the 1st narrative form entry.Its too long. So there is this dim sum shop in seremban which is dam nice. So today while my family are on their way up to genting while im on my way back to Nilai prison, we planned to stop by to let my granpa try it.As usual, as the position of the head of the family, some poor leadership was shown.Our car was leading my aunt's car and we tried out almost all the lanes. All i heard was ," I THINK it should be here"
with full CONFIDENCE, but when its all wrong , all i heard was "Oh, should be the nex lane futher down." So we kept exploring those lanes in serembans and i guess anybody would get pissed off tracking a speeding car which turns in almost evry single lane.I received a call from aunt," Lets just stop by anywhere and eat".That was wat i was thinking too. Tho the intention was some kinda good(to bring granpa to try it out) but some people are just too ego to admit their faults.So, instead of asking others for help we mary-go-round.I was like seeing the same building for like 3 for times.It just remind me of those racing games that i play whereby i just need a button to restart at the starting point.Wait a min, were we playing game? wtf!

Just like how I expected, I rcved another call, "Hey we will go up genting seperately,we will meet at Genting."Ok.maybe this is what the games say, GAME OVER. well, lets get back to the topic,because the hyper ego mode is still on! We went round and round and we finally found it with some guides and so on. And there threw out another sentence, "C, told cha, its just right behind where we get lost just now" "If we continue going just now we should already got it" "So, we were right just now~"a sentence after another, I could see the proud metre's needle going beyond the max reading.
YAWN!!!! GROW UP! Nobody wanted to say a word. So, the maid was the victim to reply "ya" ,"ya", "ya". "Call them call them, tell we found it, tell them to turn back." =_= i mean double =_= to call?to hell.i pity them instead.So someone called and s i expected, it wasnt gonna happen lol.

U wanna know what?
The customers were lining till outside the shop and we were told we need to wait like 15-25 minutes. Ha ha, ha ha , ha ha(laugh in the Simpsons' style). How i wish they actually went to the end of the road,take the U-turn, and find all the way to this mystic dim sum shop and find out that they actually need to wait for like 15-25 minutes to get a seat!Ha ha, Ha ha, ha ha! Too bad they missed the fun.

Thats not all,the journey continues..
The ego mode is still on, mind u. so another great plan came out. "Nvm lets eat at the shop bottom" OOOooOooOoo great great great. We are just the followers remember? It was a dead area and the shops were all like pubs bars and discos, i guess its a red light district. and we finaly found a chinese coffee shop!There were only a table of women gathering there wif a cigarate on each hands.The shop was pretty old and the word "edible" just went off my mind. The chicken hanging there look half dead. The pot on the stove is just as big as ur fist. "you wanna eat here or u wanna go sumwhere else to eat". We were already out of the car and we were already standing in front of the shop,wat else to say? We felt like royalty. Every workers seem busy.Anyway their workers and boss are weird,they look like those drugtakers in the backlane. One of them went to on the TV.One of the modern women went to make the drinks.Another stickman(juz look timid and over-slimed) were choping the chicken,duck and pork like he was doing it for the 1st time. Only God knows. The presentation of the dishes were awful. tell u wat even the utensils were awful!Not only they have not enough untensils for us, those utensils are even rusty!So 1 of my aunt who followed my car asked for the chilli sauce and the woman actually went to cut the packed chilli sauce, i guess those packets have been lying there for quite some time. To cut it short, half a chicken(we got less than half), half a duck(we got less than half too) and A FEW pieces of pork, actually cost us RM45! drinks were six something, we just ignored it. When all of us were shocked, the boss was too cute to ask us, izzit to expensive? O,great. I was like ,"go rot and die young"!

P/S: the food was all dam cold and the taste were realy really really bad!I guess we were the the first customer of the month,perhaps year?

Sorry couldnt get you guys a pic of the shop coz we were some sorta showing our unpleasant looks, I just wanna get back to my prison safely lol.Btw im not sure the name of the shop in english(it should be boon boon or wen wen), I only managed to get the Chinese Name.
文文茶餐室.It made me stereotype the whole seremban area from now onwards lol.

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cojack said...

sigh.... u guys shud've waited... it will take only about 10-15 mins to get seat there.... ppl line up outside but not from inside.. so it's not as bad as u see...

guess this will evolve from a stupid ego case to a pure laughing stock in future.. maybe now already lol...