Saturday, October 13, 2007

Foreword : 1989

1989, All the sorrowsss began...

A lone-ranger was born,
He started counting down,
as he knew he was sent to this world to be alone and to die.
He served the world with laughter,
as he knew others need it more than he does.

A passer-by was born,
He started to live for the sake of living,
as he was just finiding the exit to heaven or hell.
He served the world with nothing but his shadow,
as he knew he doesnt deserve even a price tag.

A franky-panky was born,
He started to live like everyday is the last day of his life,
as he was too dumb to hide his feeling.
He served the world with who he was,
as he misthought that being frank is earning.
(he regreted;fakers benefit more)

A fugly-yet-proud-ducker was born,
He sarted to believe he is the prettiest,
as he knew nothing gonna change the fact for who he is.
He served the society with his dried up looks,
as he thinks that would make others to feel pretty.

It was his era,
Gaining a place in the society.

He was copping up hard,
He was vanishing from the society,

He couldnt be himself,
Fakers are everywhere.
He is no more alive,
Someone help him.
He is searching for a place to burry himself.
The pedestrians on the busy street is stepping on him.
He doesnt give up,
Gasping for air in the middle of the crowd.
He crawl, he rolled,
A proper space and ground to burry himself is all he wants.
Because..He still love himself,
Right from the year of 1989,
and it will last,till eternity...


vienna said...

hey,dude! Speechless when i saw ur blg...dunno hw to express that feeling...especially for this part..seems like u r very pesimistic...!
By the way, where is ur freaky ugly pics? Jz put it lah, would b nicer..haha..

Ruionkoh said...

haha im stil working on how to insert a primary photo and so on.anyway im an emo person lol.deep inside me, im diff.I just prfer to show my optimistic side to others coz it wud b nicer to cheer others up rather than putting them down ^^!