Sunday, October 14, 2007

Get Well.

As i opened my eyes,
you were crying in pain,
even before i opened my eyes.
Im not happy,
Im not sad EITHER.
The lich is down.
*everybody claps*
I repeat
the evil lich queen is down!

I believe in nothing,
but karma for once,
PAY for what you have done,
Pay to urself.
Pay to ur children,
and ur husband.

Im not poor,
even if I am,
I dont need ur friggin dirty money,
I dont do what you do,
I will starve to dead rather than begging for a penny.

Yes, you!wake up,
it would be way too easy for u to leave now,
you must be good,
you must stand up.
We wont want the people in the hell(of coz)
to suffer with you around.
We want you to turn over your
poisonous, dried up,
leaves, trunks and roots,
before you reborn.

Dont be depress,
when you are in hell,
looking up and notice,
nobody is crying for you.

Their tears are all dried up,
thanks to you.
without you,
they might have not tasted the tears.

You were angel,
in the public,
You were worse than a devil,
when nobody is around.
Everything you do,
you do it ur best...
for urself.
And u know what?
u go by urself then.
All your drammas caused traumas.
How i wished i was miles away from you.

You should feel honoured,
because if its someone else,
I would not care to blog an entry on him/her,
cause i will be rushing there,
instantly i mean.

Wait a minute,
let's stop and wonder,
could this be...
another trick,
another con,
just to earn urself...
some attention,
some pityness,
some pennys,
I woudnt be surprise,
thats your habitual action.
We are bored of predicting,
the right ending for your every episodes.
Produce something different.
We would like to see.
So, get well.
If God allows you to.

P/S: Hate me and i will hate you to death.
CONVERSELY, If you love me, thank God b'cause you found yourself another soulmate.

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