Saturday, October 13, 2007

On my own because thats all I've got.

Everybody s gone,
Are you still here(with me)?

When you are loosing someone;
Someone chooses to be with his/her only one.
If you happen to know those who were once kind(to you in a sense),

leave them alone.
They were never kind.
Don’t complain if they are not kind.

& You?
A. Yes, I am faker.
B. No, I never been kind.

Thx aaron,
Your words keep me living,

"When someone chooses to shut you from their his or her, go for the backdoor.Dont wait for the door to be open, continue walking as u will see the bigger ones.You should rather have A friend who takes you as you are and looks out for rather than a milliomn 'friends' tat take you for granted"

and thats me.and that was me.that will be me.always me.

I am on my own...

..and thats all i've got.


Zellez said...

hey... gosh .. k i loose .. ur blog is emo . lol . but seriously i got really surprised when i read ur blog. now i think i understand u better. hey cum on i know sometimes ppl feel alone, they thought they hav no one there for them . but actually ur wrong.u know what ? we care for u k. we r always gud frenz. i assure u that i treat u and xf n of cuz fox as real frenz. n of cuz i hope this frenship of us stays firm all d time. =)

Ruionkoh said...

lol thanx so much.Well.
i have went tru many ups and downs haha i think u shud knw some of them huh? well,i would say frens are not guranteed to be static lol me and u cnt deny it.but for the time being.mayb 4 of us is somehow close frens for the momment and hope it would last. haha pray is all u can do.coz u knw i seldom pray hahaha.