Sunday, December 2, 2007

How ll life be without "It"?

Too Much things to tell, too little time to type,
Im back,
to tell my stories,
past, now and future,
as much as i can,
hectic life..fading off,
finals..creeping in,

it has been two weeks since i stepped into mah house,(blame the assignments)
it has been two weeks since i slept on my bed,(blame the tests)
it has been two weeks since i sat in this room,(blame the hectic course)
im one now.
im finally-home.
I wonder,
how many times more will I be here,
Sheltered by mah this hunched hut,
Far,away we will be going from It,
but, my memories;
18 yrs memories,
will lie in there,
buried, with Its roots.
"come on, its just an old hut!"
fcuk off,
I would say,
You know nothing,
I treasure It,
more than anytg else.
Conversely, im leaving It,
by itself,
with its actual owner..

Mah last regards..
"Cheer up, pal,
You will alwayz stay right there,
A double-storey,
or even a bung-a-low,
nothing can shelter me as much as you did and do."

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