Friday, February 29, 2008

?,yes, "?"

Confused.Mixed up feelings for EVERYTHING.

Don't ask me whats wrong, because I dont know either,
Don't ask me where am I, because I dont know either

I though I could find myself, the trueself, but I couldnt.
I am so lost.
Living everyday for the sake of living.
5am now.
8am test.
wtf is wrong wif "u"?
let scholarship be the motivation.
"u" ve betta hope so.
"u" r living like today is today and tomoro is another tomoro's matter.
wake up.


May the confusion in "ur" mind *poof* away.
Main focus here: not those minor feelings matter anymore,
but we r talking about successing in life, my dear.

"U" have betta wake up.

Thx jeff4da emo hokkien song.
Ignore the vid.
Lurve the lyrics. *pause* *think**forget**continue wif maths*

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