Thursday, March 20, 2008

Empty wishes of an empty boy.

He wishes to grow taller,
He wishes to grow stronger,
He wishes he was much more good looking,
He wishes not to know anything,
He wishes he knows how to drive,
He wishes not to tell the whole world,
His falling tears.
If a girl can have her tears down,
why cant a guy?
Just that, guys have their tears flow inwards,
Only when its fully filled,
Then it would flow outwards,
And there was how,
He had his drips of tears,
overflew from his eyes.


shanere said...

Everyone deserves to shred da tears down, as evryone deserves to reveal his/her wisdom or foolishness. Sometimes tears make us a stronger person when da morning comes, sometimes tears make us despise ourselves. Sometimes ppl r proud of their tears, as it symbolizes da 'courage' to be a 'coward' of love; da other times ppl feel ashamed of their tears because they know da battle wasnt worthy at all. Most of da time we juz couldnt hold up to da grudge of love thus we burn it into tears, n find ourselves lost in da middle of nowhere, not knowing whether it was an act of wisdom or foolishness. When we cry we keep asking ourselves whether it was worthy, but perhaps it doesnt matter at da end of da day. whichever phase u r in, i do hope u r growing stronger out of it. Crying is a part of recognizing our hidden weakness, we all need that to learn more about our inner selves.

Ruionkoh said...

thanks for the does really help me in realizing that having my tears rolled down on my cheeks is just a phase of my life. U made me realize better that having my tears rolled down on my cheeks is not a solution to the problem.It really sounds like I have been trying to hard to hide myself from the truth. I guess I might have to teach myself to be tougher.anyway, thanks alot for being supportive. Im so glad that u read tru my crappy blog : ) Anyhow,you might wana know, I hardly cry. I prefer to call it "tears rolling down on my cheeks" as it happens only when my heart cant stand the pain anymore haha let me be ego just for once. >< I dont cry.haha