Thursday, April 24, 2008


Finals over.
I lived a semester of decadence.
I am sorry for what I have done to myself.
That shouldnt be that way.

I have to shift my focus back to myself,
remind myself from time to time,
1) WHY am I here?
2) WHAT is the priority in life currently?
3) WHERE will I be in the future?
4) WHICH kind of life would my current behaviour lead me to in the future?
5) HOW should I behave in order to achieve what I want in life?
6) WHO is responsible for my own life?

When I recall back, these are my answers to the questions above throughout the sem:
Private and confidential personal reason
2) Private and confidential personal reason
3) Dont care
4) Dont care
5) Dont care
6) Others

In fact, when I woke up from my dream,
I became more rational as my current answers would be:
1) To toughen myself, to be more independent, to be more self-motivated and to build up my zero-level self-esteem so that im mentally well-prepared to be leaders in family and also working field in the years to come.
2) To graduate and get a good job to make sure my future wife and kids have a comfortable life.
3) Somewhere high where nobody ever dare to try climbing.NOT somewhere where everybody stands.
4) With my attitude and behaviour days before 23 April, I believe would not even own a stable family in the future. But If I could regenerate my spirit, I believe I could do well in my life.
5) Humble(not that I am trying to be boastful but just that my jokes tend to be boastful most of the time) which also means that I need to be more serious. Not just serious in that sense but even serious about life, yes, MY own life. Life is short, no play, no gain. So , play hard but work hard and smart. ( You might say work smart will do but I gotta tell you that luck is always absent from my life >< ) . Plus, I needa learn to abandon any elements in my life that refuse to march forward along with me or even any elements that tend to slowdown my footsteps. Never gonna let it happen again, i mean, will try. In the subject matter, I would also need to learn to hold back my emotions and fake my feelings at time because I have learned that frankness does not pay as I got betrayed by my frankness. Lastly, the hardest part, learn to smile to EVERYONE.
6) "Koh Hong Rui".Dont deny the fact. Dont try to get any scapegoat. Be responsible with your own life, hong rui.

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TsuChong said...


Dropping by.

Kudos to you man. Not many people actually sit down and think about what you've just wrote until its a little too late.

What you've said is true la. Got to know where you're heading to.

Work smart sometimes can backfire one hahaha. Coz we think we're smart but then most of the time we're wrong.

The point bout being humble shows that you have your mind in the right place man.

Good luck and be good!


PS: I've linked your blog to mine. Hope it's alright.