Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A further step onto Borneo-Sarawak

After a depressing night,
after thinking the money that I have paid,

after thinking what I have been through,

after thinking what I have owed myself,

I felt bad towards myself,
I promised myself to enjoy myself to the fullest & leave the problems behind.

26th April 08
3..2..1... and the whole trip started. These are the crew members.
From left- me, Ravin(2nd sem),qq(mah rummate)
Cam holder- Mr. munusamy ,yes you are right,the lecturer.

There were supposed to be 8 person. At 1st, a blur-blur chinese guy pulled out. And on dat day itself, many got infected wif the "fly kite disease". The other invisible ones include:
-Ganesh went for a Chest,sory i mean Chess competition
-Daniel's uncle passed away (excused)
-Maldives guy claimed to have no money(me too but I have made it through)

Four of them should have just save the flight fees to sponsor four of us(RM165 X 4 = what-do-you-think?). It doesnt matter if they wan some Sarawak pepper in return,lol.Ok, wateva. Anyway, since its a long distance tour, I guess its eazier if we have lesser people, four person=just nice ^^

Our flight was 3pm. we reached there earlier. In fact,it was dam boring. We were naive enough to expect for some duty free shops. Forgive us, all four of us were 1st timer in LCCT/taking AirAsia flight.Frankly speaking, Malacca central is much nicer than that.
To kill our time, we showed our Malaysian spirit. We went to play wif perfume testers. I sprayed on my NEW camera pouch( = ) will provide further details regarding it in another post), old wallet and stinky beg.LOL.

and...we got caught!

Just like school bus, everyone started to line up half and hour earlier.How does it look like?

Like this... >< Meow~! meoww..

And...Boarding time! Forgive me for my jakunness, the first and last time i went on a plane was 5 years old (to aus). Laugh all you want, who cares?ha

Photo taking is prohibited during boarding session.

1 of my favourite shots throughout the whole trip ^^


Pressure VS Pleasure (Just a pic for laugh XD )

This is the Air Asia Snack Attack menu. I was told that the Hot Seller-Nasi lemak is nice. So i ordered.

The taste?So-So.Not worth it.

Where the heck is the Nilai International so-called university college?
Another favourite shot of mine.

What I saw frm my seat.

Bird-eye-view on Sarawak.

Pressure.Now u know why am I so thin lol.

We rented a car. After collecting the car, we proceeded to our guest house. ^^
At night,we headed for dinner. Seafood seafood seafood!!
Iv done alil survey regarding that and I knew theres a place called "Taman Letak Kereta" which is not just for you to park cars but to eat S.E.A.FOooooood! me love!
To proceed to the place, u need to take lift lol.1st-5floor are all parking lots. now u know why izzit called TAMAN LETAK KERETA ><

...we saw this @_@

You could actually choose your own ingredients to be added to your dishes.

It was meriah gile.till we hardly get ourselves a seat at recommended stall. So, we just simply sit because we were dam hungry!Still,we needed to wait for long time. So me and qq decided to get some light food first.

Yes. This was our light food-GIANT PRAWN. YUMMY!
QQ+juicy+crunchy cute cute lil prawny XD

Another light food of ours,called Umai. It has jellyfish, fish and prawn flavour, we ordered jellyfish.We officially tested another animal lol. taste?I find it disgusting. It just taste like raw jellyfish dipped in our salty chicken rice chilli sauce. >< The main dish of the night.
I call it fresh fish.lol.(Coz we have no idea wats the name of the fish..Nemo?lol)

Another 3 dishes were "gong bao(dried chili) squid", seafood tomyam soup and mixed vegetables(wif alil of seafood too)

After the meal we headed to a buddhist temple. Mr Munu wanted to meet up wif 1 of his Indian friends as there was this Hindu's event going on in the Buddhist temple. The two religions are somehow related. So, 3 of us looked around the temple. ^^

Indian dancers.
but have you noticed whos the VIP?

Multi-racial country huh.
*Note that all the 3 dancers have unsynchronized movements. ><

Ravin, the muti-racial Sikh. @_@
he claimed that any God is still God.
He doesnt mind praying in temple because he even pray in the church.

This ethnic guy was serving food to the public. I know I look ghey. Stop praising. XD
at least, I have a batman boyfriend LOL

Where and how they consume their food as the space was limited.

The ethnic warrior dance.

If you havnt seen any blowpipe demonstration.You can ask from me. Sorry tat i could not upload the video because its size is too large. No worries, no animals were killed during the recording process. Just balloon. ^o^

After the performance, I suddenly had this thought:
why not go to the backstage and snap some photos wif them and so we acquired permission to invade the backstage ^^ (they just got so excited when they heard we are frm west coast.)

Ha, there you go. The shield was upside down. sorry sorry ><
After everything, we headed back to guest house coz Mr. Munu and Ravin already wanted to sleep. So, me n qq went out pat toh LOL!nah, just wanted to explore Kuching's nightlife.

taken at one of the tourist spots- Waterfront,just right across our guest house.

There were many cats at a junction. I love this shy one ^^

lamps on the Kuching street : )

: )

An old clock tower standing still along the main street.

ha,this is another bigger cat at the other end of the road.

yeah THAI-chi ><.coming soon.LOL It was taken at a garden next to a public toilet. ^^ Thanks,I know I am. I still am even if you deny the fact.

You might ask me how come we dint crash into any club. The reason is that the most happening clubs(the most happening one="SOHO") were really over-happening till there isnt even a single place for u to stand outside @_@.It was much happening than the so-called PURE bar back in my hometown. They were all well-dressed. No much beng-ness and lian-ness. Just nice. No offence but it was really way beyond my expectation. We wanted to have a drink, so we went to look for another chill out spot.

Spotted this "lovely" leave lying on the road.

So we dropped by a bar with bright lights and peaceful environment.

My bacardi of the night.
Shredded off part of the wounds in my mind,my heart;

temporary i mean.
(Other than the tag,this photo is actually unphotoshopped)



(ha,I said so)

*Transformer' soundtrack starts playing.


27th April 08

Toast bread for breakfast? In kuching? NAH!
Me and qq rejected the offer of having the free meal(toast bread and tea/coffee) at the hostel because our aim to travel is to try as many nice foods as possible.So we simply entered a kopitiam opposite our hostel. The aunty was preparing this mee which looked nice. Without second thought, I told the aunty," I want a same one as this one" *point*

The relaxing lifestyle of the local people.
*If your eyes are sharp enough you will notice the black plastic on the table.
It is not pirated VCD; black plastic is common to them,even for food.

The mee!It is called kolo mee(哥罗面) nice huh?
Top food in Kuching!

That was not all!the mee comes along wif the FANTASTIC soup!
Fish fillet, pork, prawn...@_@
Top soup in Kuching!
*This pic is the motivator for my mum to go Kuching. LOL

After we finished our food ny we noticed this newspaper cutting on the wall.
Now, we know how come so nice.ha

APE ni?
scroll down...

Pasar Malam in ur mind?
ok close to tat.
this is actually called Sunday Market.

We drove there after finished eating. It is located in Jalan Satok.(yeah forgotten to tell u tat Kuching has many weird weird cute cute road names @_@). I heard tat the market actually operates on Saturday night also. On Sun is just from morning till afternoon. What are the differences?
-Sunday Market is not mainly about sayur sayur and sayur.Instead, pasu pasu dan bunga bunga.
-Sunday Market sells pets too (hamsters for instance)
-Rectangular plastic bags are used to pack drinks
-There isnt any pirated VCD sellers X_x lol

I was there.Da Prove.

That is Santubong?
Why same shirt?
because it was our unofficial uniform when we went redang ^^

Simple but tough life of the fishermen.

LOL.Photoshoped ><

I love this photo coz i took it ><>_< Another photo which is not bad.

Sorry guys.There isnt any photo of cultural village. Because Mr. Munu thinks RM55 for the ticket is too expensive.Ooo Ok....(actual price=60, they wanted to give us discount price at 55) So? ya, we turned back and headed for another destination. Yeah, honestly i was alil pissed off. Anyhow, we were still traveling in a group, gotta give way. So, we went for lunch. Try not to laugh, we actually went to a shop called Singapore Chicken Rice Shop aka SCR. ><
This attracted me, I ordered, I drank and I refreshed.

As me and qq werent very hungry(we had nice breakfast,remember?),
so we shared this sarawak laksa.
*It looked nice but it just taste weird to me but qq said it was not bad.

After the meal,we went to the other tourist spot, Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabitation Centre(something like that if not mistaken ha).Duh, informal way of saying is a place where u see orang utans. ok now u get it.lol. The feeding time of the semi-wild Orang Utans is 9am and 3pm. We reached there 2pm which also means we had to wait till 3pm. @_@ Basically, we had nothing to do. So, to save time, I went to the office to acquire further information regarding places to visit(especially long house) as I was quite determine in visiting long house. (My main aim to sarawak was actually to see and feel the lifestyle of those ethnic people.) How we spent our 1 hour time outside the place:

photoshoped,think it's nice.
The route leading to the entrance to feeding area.

When it was almost 3, we ran towards the feeding area,
...like this

and me first.HA HA!


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