Saturday, June 28, 2008

Soh Soweeeee XoX

Here I have been asked to finish updating my sarawak trip post, yet there alrdy people asking me to send in a new entry for my china trip,gosh.

Guys, be patient ya.Stay tuned. Will be back kie.promise*fingers crossed.
Thanks to those who have been tuning in mah blog to check for updates ya,appreciate it alot.

Why I havnt been very active in my blog:
1) Its a short sem for me so i dont see the necessity of subscribing the "Surf-low" connection in mah forested Nilai college(yes, i cut out the "university" on purpose, how bout "international"?dun mention it, the speedy internet speaks for all) *3months =minimum subscription period.

2) am having a 100% coursework subject this sem,mind u,short sem. (mon due date for2.5k words 60% coursework yet im still relaxing,yay)
P/S: i dun see the point of having 100% coursework for such subjective subject. Its not english but business concepts. For instance, if Badawi was the lecturer, he will give 100% to those who support against the raise in oil price while 3 or 5 marks for those who oppose against it?
Fyi, I lurve to be different because I know I am different. So, I wouldnt wana play da write-to-please-your-lecturer-game wif mah lecturer coz im not here to study what she thinks but im here to write what I think,think what I think!
So, dun be surprised if i trash my scholarship just like tat, or dun be surprised if hong rui is retaking the same subject again and again. For a simple reason, I believe pigs can fly.

3) I have too much to blog about and i have no idea where to begin from! lemme reorganize everything when the sem break comes ya. you have gotta pray tat hong rui turns hardworking.X_x

Till next time.

Preview: - Hong rui's emoness fades alil *smiles*