Monday, July 21, 2008

Annoucement : Timeout.

Boo.Greetings everyone.
Im still alive.surprisingly huh?dun be.
Here are few of the lines that kept me alive.

Sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we love leaves us but the truth is its not our loss but theirs for they left the only person who wouldnt give up on them.
don't waste your time on a man or woman who isn't willing to waste their time on you .
in the end of d day, d only person who believes in u right frm d start is only urself.

Apart from this, i would have to thank anyone who have supported me well all this while, especially my dearest sista thats only IF she happens to be reading =_=

By the way, people out there:
fyi, i will be away for a week i guess. will be going up to the forested campus(nilai) today.
well, why so early since my only paper is on thursday?
sorry la, cant blame me ya, i guess you guys should be able to see that i havnt been studying at all this 2 weeks!haha.
Its time to be self-motivated and get my arse back to studies.
Why a week?
well on friday i will be going up KL for a part time job-stage setting.
I dun know what to expect because my bro says its frigging tired as its overnight job but who cares since its around 150 per day.
So far, what i know is that on friday i will be following the crew up to genting and the nex day down to KLCC, err something like dat, im not really sure about it, i will just follow only.
This sounds like the toughest job I have encountered so far.
(FYI, I have been working for quite a few times as promoter in KL and MLK pc fair. and im not shy to tell you dat I was once a laundry worker of Mahkota Hotel(formerly known as Century Mahkota Hotel) for a week during peak season years back lol)

My estimated date to get my arse back to malacca is on Monday.Should be.
Hmmmm. For the moment, I think I should shift my focus back to studies.
Wish me luck in my exam wokie. its 100% exam-orientated!fuck.
Pray for me.whoever, allah,jesus,mother marry,buddha, guan yin,tua pek gong,Datuk.Just pray hard hard for me.Thanks.

Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger. Im stronger than yesterday. Im not gonna be emotional wif my worries.

Dont miss me ya. And thanks a dozen for those who have been a loyal reader. Feel free to drop me a message or comment or anything. I dont bite. I notice I have got quite a few of frequent readers from Nilai, Seremban and Malacca. Hmm show up urself if you dont mind wokie. It would be great if you could do so so that one day IF i happen to be as famous as kennysia , i will not forget to feature you on my blog haha! :D

Official Sem Break is just around the corner.weee.promise to update everything asap wokie. *finger-crossed*

By the way, my primary hp(01234 7 4321) is having alil of auto-off problem.
If you couldnt get me tru that, try contacting my yellowman wokie 014 38 08 208. It would be realll kind if you could save me a few cents by telling me who you are when you text me wokie. haha. And curse you in advance if you are just trying to fool around wif me anonymously.

Bye bye.Shit. I hate the feelings of leaving my darling comp at home.feel so bad.duh.sowee ya. *hugggggggggssssssss*

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