Sunday, July 27, 2008

How to survive in a forest?

Wokie sorry everyone, im back temporary, well there was some miscomunication btwen my bro and his frens, the exact date supposed to be nex week. aik aik. so in between I went Midvalley, went Sunway( to meet up wif mah sista and also to support Chua in the finals of Hop 2 Da Beat 08) as usual il update more about that later.haha be patient wokie. As to feed my loyal readers I have compiled a few photos before i went back college the other day. And now im posting them. !st ever post which reveals alil of my life in da hostel.haha there you go...
( Btw, everyone: my finals aka the math paper was quite easy = ) thanks for the wishes. )


"AHhhh~ Patrick, the jellyfishes are coming to steal our krabby patty, run patrick run!"
LOL lol LOL.

Back in the days when the politicians were shaking their asses on the stage to gain the voters' attention, we were shaking our asses at the door too.

Yay. You like my rocket?aw sounds wrong.ha

I wont die of hunger in the forest...

Iv tried making my own breakfast.
I mean a nutritious one.
Tell you what, that was also the last nutritious breakfast :D

MC D. We heart!
There was a period when me and my roomate stayed up till 4am every morning just to order the breakfast set.obsession.haha

There was a period that we were living da wealthy lifestyle.
Thanks to tommy's PS 2 tho i suck in gaming haha.

I wont die of thirst in the forest...

Wahah mah collections.
Mah vending machine without a machine. LOL

I wont die of depression in the forest...

Im not tat kinda alcoholic wokie. Just collection.
And im not shy to say, im quite bad in drinking. I cnt drink much.
I drink only when i feel like it.
All of em, got back from China Trip.
The wine on the left was a gift from the air stewardess ^^
bacardi was from pudong airport(left half alrdy)
black label 12 yrs johnie walker whisky from plane.
and the coffee liquor from msia airport(transported back home, come visit me and il treat you this haha)

More updates if I have the time and mood. -out-

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