Monday, July 14, 2008

Life after everything.

woke up 12.
forced myself sleep back at 2.
woke up at 5.
(Thats why people awiz say escaping is the best solution?)
den, househusband-ed as usual.
and tats a saying which sounds like this,
when a storm is here, tat means u will see the sun soon,
U know wat,
out of nothing,
my aunt called me up and asked me to go along wif her son and husband to dine in sushi king.
(fyi, my aunt is too precious to be exposed to public coz she has got cancer and shes holding on, shes tough and doing fine)
Well, I seriously din have the mood for it,
but since my 4th aunt has asked me to acompany dem there, its bad to reject.
At the same time, I took tat as a God-given treat for my failure lol.
I was quite hungry.
I din eat much for breakfast.
Since I was there, its bad if I show my appetiteless-mood.
So I ate. But not much.

My uncle was kinda excited and took all these down X_x he really lurve jap fud.

For some reasons, I felt I was lifeless like the prawny.

Total.I din eat that much.My cousin made quite a number of orders from the menu.

After the meal, my cuz went to walk on his own so was my uncle. I didnt have da mood to shop obviously. Instead, I went to the field on top of Dataran Pahlawan, where many sweet couples were romantically enjoying their date. Whether I was an alien or not, who cares I aint no pure malaccan anymore, I sat on the grass(just then noticed many were actually sitting on the field too),looked into the sky,sighed, and I took this photo, you do da judging of my mood at that time wokie?

Would it be fine if i force a pair of bloody red heels into the whole picture?
I doubt.

I was den sent back home by my uncle.

I then had a sudden a guilt in me, my sis is going to start her overstate college life tomoro and she was neglected by me for some time duh. Okie she actually even offered me her companion in the afternoon(sms: u wana hang out so tat u can be distracted and feel better?if u prefer to be alone then its ok still, ur call...). I was touched. I seriously needed that but well surprisingly I was able to think rationally, I denied and told her to stay at home and spend some quality time wif her family members since its a day before going up college. She din reply after tat. Till, when i met up wif her only she told me she din reply because she thought I chose to stay alone. DUH! then i wouldnt have to force myself to be like a pig. (Btw, sis: sorry ar you werent the 1st person I fetch tho I wanted to make you the 1st person to taste my driving skill ha; your fault too, who ask u so busy! :P)
Ok. So we went to friends cafe. It has been a long time since i las went Friends, so is my sister. She listened to me blah blah blah again as how i did a day before 12th at Old Town. I dont think its a good idea to post our conversation here. Coz it was purely my problems. I would rather let it be confidential. Yeah I was tough enuf to portray the usual self. dun wana make her worry much though. But, still her words helped alot. She started quite alot of other topics and they did distracted my mind from sinking. Thanks. So before we left the place, we camwhored since its like her las nite for being a pure Malaccan. Of coz I dint wana look as though someone has just passed away, I left all the thoughts in my mind aside, and I smiled for the picture :) .Both of us suck at camwhoring. But, we still did it.

Its not a lian-ish/acting-cute pose. you dont frigging understand our sign language.
Its for us to know, for you to find out.
(this was the first photo taken and we still think it is the best)

It was my suggestion for the pose. yeah. everythings fcuked up.

Thanks jie. Yea, for being there all the time;Just everything.
(=_= thats IF you are rajin enuf to be reading my blog ha)

I drove sis home after that. She mus be really tired coz she has been packing her stuff all day long. bad bad me. wokie and that was the end of the laughter.

All the way I drove back, it haunted me again. Images were running in my mind like how a hamster runs on the wheel. But, glad tat Iv reached home safely with all my body parts sticking as one. In order to distract myself from it, I blogged since just now. 4.34am. nice. In fact, I stopped for a moment in between, I discovered something awkward if it happens to be a male. nyway, it is none of my business anymore. Phsyically sleepy, mentally exhausted, I am putting myself to sleep. If I dont wake up, let it be wokie? I will bless you from up

By the way, i finally feel the meaning behind this quote.
"Only those who had fall n tried will know d importance of ppl who've touched their life .."
thanks again sister.

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