Sunday, July 13, 2008


who am i?
i wish i never existed.
naive have been me.
wasnt subjectively looking at my own quote.
"love me and il love you more,
hate me,and il ignore you"
After waves of waves,
I am learning to look at the other way,
its not a definite to happen tat way.
people dont love u juz becoz u love them.
people dun ignore u juz becoz u hate them.
u know wat i mean?
fate might be absence from the whole picture,
luck might too,
while the personalities differences,background differences.
I have to apologize officially to anyone that have adopted my quote.
i therefore clarify that,
it doesnt work.

Credits to tears,
greatest teacher in life
: )

On the other hand, I hereby prove you that my previous post regarding desperateness is accurate,
I think...
you decide.

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