Monday, July 28, 2008

Overnight shopping.

I have been honoured to design the St Dav High School Interact Club's Installation Nite' tickets.
The following are mah approaches. have a look and feel free to comment :D

Da fancy approach.

Da neater and simpler approach.

Now you know what i meant,
Overnight photoshopping.haha


zcfoo said...

d neater and simpler approach is nice. good work!

interactors will love the ticket!

Ruionkoh said...

hey zcfoo,

thanks for leaving a comment.
seriously appreciate it.
well,evrybody seems to be pleased with da 2nd design.
hmm il just sen both to the organizer let them choose la which they want.

thanks again.


Anonymous said...

The 3rd one seems nicer

Ruionkoh said...

duuhhh Choy, u have got nothing else to do izzit? *kicks

carrieDEchung said...

definitely the first one!
trust me.
first one better.
the organizer sure choose first one.
IF she's a SHE. XP

Ruionkoh said...

personally I think the 1st one is more lively too. It was my 1st approach though I spent like 4hours for the 1st approach while lesser on the other but many(include the organizer,a she) prefer the 2nd one.haha too bad la heh.

carrieDEchung said...

yerr.. then she's definitely not a she. XP said...

Da neater and simpler approach.
is better..
the fancy 1 too fancy d..
cant bring out the go green feel loh..
nice edit!!!

Ruionkoh said...

Ed:wah compliment from photoshop pro ^^ lol thanks lots for staying loyal wif mah blog lol.

carrie: lol shes a she. -_- how?