Friday, July 18, 2008

A Puchong-Sunway-Star Hill-Sunway trip.

Wokie.This post actually took me a longggggg time to complete.
er partly also due to some emotion breakdown in between.
Dun worry, Im still surviving and smiling. *grins
Its a coverage of my 3D2N trip(1/7/2008-3/7/2008).
The sequence: puchong to sunway to starhill to sunway to nilai
Why no Cheras(I mentioned Cheras initially)?
Yes, Cheras was supposed to be the 1st destination but for my fren's convenience sake, I took LRT from tasik selatan to reach Bkt Jalil station for another few minutes extra.

I was surprised seriously I dint know bukit jalil is this nice at night.
I was alone.And what you see is what I saw.

I think its nice.Bkt jalil stadium.

I continued walking and I saw this...

Its Euro Fun Park.

So, I walked nearer... Did I enter?Nah! I was told to wait so I waited my fren, although I was told that I will be picked up in 10mins time but ended up 30 mins.aik, but since its a free ride,so no complain.LOL. and while waiting I sat like a beggar in front of the entrance to get a perfect shot of the entrance...
Still..not perfect.the "K" was stealing bones.

Could see this from the outside. I call this a pee-in-the-pants ride. I dun wana imagine myself being thrown round and round from the 7th or 8th floor to the ground and to the sky again...and again..and again... For a simple reason, I hav minor height phobia. yeah u can have me on COCKscrew(genting' roller costa) for 10 times but not Solero shot for even once.

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, he came.So we went to Sunway after mi having mi dinner(it was 10+). It is hella ghey nightlife city. The clubs there are like super-duper classy. Comparable wif some clubs I saw in China. Of course we dint wana get our ass spanked, so we dint camwhore at any entrance of the clubs.INSTEAD, (haha) we camwhored alil around the Sunway Hotel.

Buy me? Sorry, sold out.haha Mah 1st shot. I looked exhausted, indeed I was exhausted.
The right hand side building is Euphoria(I doubt my spelling), my sis said its managed by Ministry of Sound(a famous club in Sg). Btw it wasnt operating, I was there on 1st of July but it started operating only on 2nd July. too bad la heh.

Munak roars! (Munak-kindly refer to 10 000 BC)


Welcome to mah garden. =D

me and dear.haha deer i mean.
haha kewl huh my twins friend. We are all born to be beggar. Dont eva say you are not, remember once when you were small like a baby pig? you begged for milk.and then this and that.. And now tat you are studying, you are begging for a certificate from your sch/col/uni. And later when you are in da working field, you will be begging money from your boss,salary in another word. And when you are old, you will be begging money from you sons and daughters, if you have any><.
Sorry, I cuted.HA.

Ok the sad part began. My friend sat down on the bench near to the Borneo bistro. And just a few minutes, yes A FEW.he was asleep!ghay. Luckily I could enjoy the free music from the Borneo bistro(which i think the atmosphere is super duper nice). There was a live band performing. Classic rock band. The drummer=awesome.ghey!he was having my dream kinda Mohawk and he could play like travis(drummer of blink 182).dam! And.... when i looked around, I noticed there was supposed to be a romantic dating spot. Instantly, I felt ghay.(remember my fren was asleep?yea, i was sitting right beside -__-)

Pairs of lovebirds.

I guessed my fren must be really exhausted for working da whole day and for sending her gf tru and flow. So, i did not wake him up, till I really cant stand those mosquitoes anymore at around 2+am. We dropped by to my bro's office. Coz I was supposed to follow my bro back to my 3rd aunt house in puchong to have a nite stay. The office was sumwhere in the Technology Park. Named Axon. In order to enter the so called park, you need to sign and register. The guard asked ," kerja?" We looked into each other and gave each other hints, and we answered "ya, kerja kat Axon" in a slumber way. We lied. God pls dun punish us. Maybe You should, but after looking at the following photos. We crashed the office. Haha, nalah we actually juz crashed the pantry/recreation room.

I kinda suck at poking balls.LOL. U know what, its just 20 cents per game.DaM! Its Rm3 everywhere. P/S: I managed to win 2 out of 4 games. Still got 50 % la haha

Drink Drink Drink. We drank cups and cups of hot milo from the machine. LOL taste nice!partly also coz we were hungry already la. -__-

LOL ignore this. We were bored. X_x another 1% of gheyness to be as ghay as the wig' photo. XD

Tol cha we were tired. haha.

After some time, we went to Steven's Corner near there.(Steven's Corner-quite a famous 24/7 mamak shop) After the food, went back to 3rd aunt's house, also where my bro is staying now. Was shocked coz my aunt woke up mid in the nite to inform me that I could occupy my cuz's room( it was 4am+-) Gosh, I felt bad for making her wake up mid in the nite since she has to go to work early in the mornin the nex day.Wokie, so I slept.

The next days began..
I explored the way to reach sg wang from puchong was somehow fun. I remembered stopping at the station near to pudu and I walked all the way to sgwang.I was afraid I couldnt find my way at first but when I came down, I made the TimeSquare building to lead my way. I was frigging hungry, and i bought a chocolate cream bread from the indian stall at the roadside.woops I almost forgotten telling why was I there, I was there to meet up wif my college mates for KTV. Nothing much to be narrated. er, each of us paid 10bux for 3hours ktv. We were separated into 3 rooms as the rooms are not big. To cut it short, its pretty much to be said tat the 4 of the only rare species(guys) were caged in a room, while the other girls divided demselves accordingly. It was Ken Hao's bday, so they had this surprise celebration for him. Ok, now thats something worth mentioning..We gathered in a room and we played the birthday song and tell you what he was SOooooo blur to sing and clap along wif us without even noticing that we were actually celebrating his birthday!UNTIL..all of us started to like stare at him and send him hint, "come on we r celebrating for ur birthday" *sweat* And, SUDDENLY, I felt so much appreciated as everyone started looking for me, for a simple reason, I brought my camera( I usually bring my camera anywhere I go unless its totally inconvenience) -___-

LA-LA Alert!

It was planned.
Duh wokie wokie I was lianish that day. X_x
But you have to act like one when you step into such place.haha

After the celebration, one of the waiters came to us and tell that each of the room can pick one representative to play a mini game. wokie, so me, mah rummate(QQ), his gf and ken hao went for it(ya four persons represented 3 rooms because they were desperate for participants).
They just asked us to play wif a lame toy. qq's gf aka evelyn won the game and got a Euro cup souvenir. yawwwn..lame, i though it supposed to be like 500 cash or something.

That was the joker/clown who was conducting the game. Ok what conclusion can u make from the photos? Conclusion : the clown was hyperactive, dammit. If I could speak fluent Cantonese, I would have told him ," dai lou a, mou yok la!" haha I know some are laughing now coz they know I suck in speaking cantonese but I am Sooo gonna learn for my own good.haha

Times upped at 5pm.So someone, cant remember who, suggested for a group photo, yeah again.

Draw 3 hypothesis from this photo:
1) The greenbox logo is not seenable

2) The plastic bag for the cake was seriously awful

3) Measure my crotch and you know I can DO better.yeah, on bed.HAHA.

errr, well they werent satisfied as the logo was cut out of the picture, so we thicken our face and asked the promoter there to retake another photo WITH LOGO in it.

Wokie.I find this photo not bad

Err so after that. All of them went Pavilion. I waited for Choy(the wig's owner fyi again). eeks waited 20 mins++. cnt blame anyone coz i called him only after we finished everything coz i din wan to make him wait alone lol. And so me+choy went shopping.Btw, I promised him to accompany him shop earlier before. Err...wokie and it ended up me spending around the same amount as he did. Er, 10bucks per shirt/tshirt, would you buy? X_x Er, not gonna snap the clothes coz sooner you will see me wearing em, so stay tuned kie. Btw, I had no interest in jeans or shoes there. I was dam interested in Sgwang/timesquare sneakers las time but not anymore. Try visiting China for once and you will know what I mean.

K, back to story, so suddenly we got phone call from the other group asking whether we wanna join dem for movie. thou i get bored easily wif action movies, I still gave a "yes" since everyone is watching. Me and Choy EXPLORED our way to pavilion. YES, Choy doesnt know the way to pavilion from Sg Wang tho hes a Kl ppl X_x. Wokie we were so proud as we managed to find our way tru and to prove u we walked there...

One of my fav shots truout the whole trip. Thanks choy for the skill. Thanks hongrui for the smile.HAHAHA

Look at the classy cinema.Dam.

Haha managed to camwhore before entering.

The movie was kinda illogic but its kinda nice in a sense tat i din get bored. However, if you are in form4 or 5, esp the science students,dun watch this movie, u will fail you physics. "Bullets curve". how to pass? And that was the end of the pavilion part. We separated. But, bfore that, AGAIN, I felt appreciated coz they wanted me to take photo for dem for da las time before going off haha.

Da gals.

Da guys.

Bye pavillion.

Okie.Now you know how paparazzi fake things out.

For mother of fairy god's sake, get rid of the LAME line.
its not like when you read it and you will love KL to an extend that you feel like fcuking it.
1st world' advertisement with 3rd world mentality's quote(whats more its in malay).

Lol. Dedicated to choy.
Choy and his favourite quote.

Im more to a messy hair guy who wears a singlet and rides a rusty bike with a 10 cents brack roripop (:P) in my hand.
So what?
As long im happy.

after quite a long walk.
we were in car!Yeapy.

Where we had our supper.
Looks like alot of stalls huh?
Yeah just like you said.
its just da visual effect; in fact, many stalls shared the same delicacies.

After that, camped in Choy's crib. in fact 3 storey crib. wow huh. We conquered his guest room. Before I put myself to sleep, I went to raid choy's PC and copied tonnes of musics, movies and stuff (with permission of course).

Ridiculous? Well, I lurve living that way;
so that I would cherish everybody who is important to me everyday,
so that I would not regret for not doing something yesterday.
I look at it this way:
Everyday is the bonus day for you to live on this Earth.
Love your loved one/ones,
For a simple reason, today might be the last chance.
I lurve you.

Ok enough of crapping for the moment, back to topic, we actually went Sunway Pyramid. To be frank, it was my first time visiting the new phase of Sunway Pyramid. But, I guess I might have more chances in the future since mah sista will be there haha. Hmmph, nothing much happened in there, I only remember we accompanied Choy to buy shoes. He bought TWO. X_x.

Timeout. ha.
yea, thats sunway lagoon.

Excessed-hormone hairy lights.
I think its nice. I so want one in my hostel, can I?
Perhaps I shall try injecting hormones into my hostel's pendaflour lights.

Now comes the oily and saucy part of the trip. DAm, I mean food la doink. We starved ourselves just to make sure our dinner was worth it. We went for a chicken buffet. Dun remember the name and dun want to either coz we are so not going back for more.
1) The food sucked.
2) The chickens are all chill-served.
3) Super oily.
4) I nearly vomited after that.

All the customers were pretending to be enjoying their food.
They have to because they paid 20 bucks.

So did I.
I feel sorry for those who just glance through my photos without reading my words,
they might think I enjoyed my chicken buffet, wish them luck la heh.tee-hee.

Its all written in the photo. XD

Choy the shy boy.
haha the time when Choy feels shy is the time when pigs can fcuk upside down.

Qq the hungry boy.
P/S: we are always hungry, always eating but always slim and trendy. LOL.
ya I said S-L-I-M. 35-29-34. C cup by the way.

After tat I hibernated while on the way to KTM station in choy's car.
The las thing i remembered before i continued hibernating in my hostel was the part where we had to squeeze ourselves into the crowded KTM.

ya finallyy!dam.

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