Sunday, July 6, 2008

A lil of Revival.

Choy,aka the wig's owner fyi, sent me this pack of "1st aid links".
and they are kewl,helpful and reviving.Thanks buddy.
I would summarize wat were those links about wokie?(Those brackets wif orange colour font are my thoughts, while the others are picked out from the sources.)

1st of all, the women's rating system.
1)As mentioned. The reality is that Money+Power(to drive for instance?) do play a BIG part.
2)However, if you try asking a woman, she would probably tell you that she is looking for intellegence, generosity, sensitivity etc. FYI again, those adjectives unfortunately just = the yellow 10% part of the pie.
3) And heres the breakdown of attraction:
  • Physical attraction / Looks
    (I wish I could at least score a 5/10 here? /_ \)

  • Disinterest -You must never turn into a soft whiny wuss kneeling at a woman's knees - confiding every thought and feeling that comes to your mind. A woman could only pursue a man who's running away
    (I mite be offending this law aight from the beginning? Unfortunately, I dont fake my feelings and never will, it would be stupid and dramatic to act like running away while u dun feel like it.)

  • Novelty - Why are you unique compared to the others?
    (I am different.Im quite confident wif this.)

Wokie, done wif that now comes the interesting part.The Basic principles.

1-Girls want MEN for love. They want people with low self esteem and ego as "friends" to talk about emotions and stuff.
*Girls are not sexually attracted to guys who are so nice to a point where they are effective friends
(LOL,that means dont be too nice huh?wokie ...btw, mi= low self-esteem. )

2-Girls want a guy who is not desperate
(Mi=forever desperate for people I care.HA HA)

3- Girls hate to be smothered/suffocated with too much attention.
(Most guys' weakness? I would say guys tend to over-care,coz they actually care.Girls, im wondering how true is this?)

4- Girls want guys who are the object of desire of other girls.
(woah,izzit THAT easy to be the object of desire for girls?u teach me la. If any guy is the desire of other girls, he already has no headache in this field. He mus be either really rich+powerful or handsome. caring guys are outdated, girls can take care of demselves now, so dey dun need one who is caring la.BUT, I am one.Too bad la heh.)

5- If a girl rejects you. Turn around and dont look back. She may come back if circumstances change.
(As mentioned, better late than never or better never than late?I doubt..)

Finally, yes. Brains does matter.
Speak wise. She will respect you for it.
(HA!mi speak nonsense all the time without even mi knowing it miself.)

The 2 Ks
1)Keeping it real.
if you are a guy going after the pretty lady, you must be more attractive than all the other guys also going after her. Looks does matter asides from the basic principles mentioned above. you should consider lowering your standard to a point where you are comfortable.

2)Keeping it cool.
Predators hunt in the wild. Making too much noise while approaching your prey scares them away (they would think you are desperate/non-dominant). So, keep cool. Like the wolf stalking it's prey, the predator knows to keep his distance.Dont fall head over heels just because a girl shows interest in you. The more you elude the girl the more she would try to unravel your mysteries.Dont ever give her the impression that you're desperate for her - that is a sign of weakness. Take your time replying emails, smses and Instant Messaging replies. Wait for her to call. What if she doesnt contact you? you arent attractive enough yet to get a response from the girl.
(Slow reply to someone who u really care?say no to making call to someone who you really care? portray no interest to someone who you really love? I would rather want you to stab me in the heart so that I would have no feelings anymore. But, guess this is the reality, lol. Am not adapting to the reality and never will, will never fake my feelings, fake myself.)

Girls are awfully indecisive when it comes to relationships. Every girl wants their prince charming. If you are going out with a girl, expect her to be choosy (if she is reasonably attractive). Sometimes, she's mulling over whether to accept you or not. This is because:

1) She thinks she can get with a more attractive guy. You are not attractive enough for her.
2) She does not find herself attracted to you.


Of course, most girls will be very nice and try to sugar coat it and they will tell you that: I dont think we should see each other / We should focus on our studies / I am not ready for a relatoinship etc etc.

(Agreed.But "etc. and etc." has to be further elaborated.Some I would classify them as false hope?)

Thanks to Choy again.
Its another day.
: )

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