Monday, July 28, 2008

W-A-L-A-O.W-E-i !!

lucky or unlucky u tell me!!!!!!!

okie okie im trying to chill myself down.

ok yesterday was my first time driving back to Umbai(my granpa house).
My granpa wasnt there.
Honestly I had the idea of driving to his fren house to greet him but I didnt because I was afraid he would be busy wif his frens.
So I drove back.
In this car.

this was just a random photo of my mum's car which i drove to umbai.
(p/s: this was the 1st time I drove by myself and the 1st time I parked my car, not bad huh? lol)

So blah blah blah....
Today afternoon when I woke up I was reading newspaper and I suddenly had the urge to glance tru this section which I swear I usually dont(and I wish I didnt).




Yes, I never have the habit to buy lottery but my granpa does!!!!!!!!
I had the shocked in my life.
I texted my youngest aunt "wah 1st time drove to umbai 9922 alredy 1st prize"
she called me saying,"dare to say liddat sumore, u made granpa cannot sleep whole nite because if he knew earlier that u drove there, he surely will buy the number (as I said it was my 1st time driving there)."

F Y I:

1st prize - RM 1 = RM 2000

NOW WHAT?!?!?!?
Lucky star?
Unlucky star?

Can I say fuck?


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Edna said...

My dear cousin,

You darn funnieee...i am enjoyin reading your entries. I like this one. kakaka..... can u drive to my house one of these days..when u come, i will surely tell my papa, mama, bro n sis to buy number, see will tiok or not...if tiok, really hor sey liao....wakakaka happy. drive come, wokies?! yeay!