Tuesday, July 1, 2008

years back.

Hibernated from 6pm - 11pm.
I managed to keep a record of staying awake for 34hours without even a single napXD
something to proud of?I doubt.
1st of all, its my mum's bday today.

"happy bday, mum"

just to notice iv stepped into a diff timezone.
4.10 am.nice.
the dripping of the rain drops on the roof,
tickled the emo-ness in me.
Emoness but not sadness.
no worries.
Missing everything, everybody,just anything/anybody which are important in my life.
The list is quite a confidential one.
But if you are close to me,
you should have da idea,
whats on the list.

I went through some of the old pics.
IF these photos were developed,
they should be yellowish by now.
yeah, THAT long ago photos.
I am randomly showing a few(will show more nex time,so stay tunned,blame the dam internet)
Won't explain much, let you do the mind-reading.

Genting for uncle's company' event.2002
I know.The 1st impression of you looking at this pic was like "Omgwtfhellokittydoraemonsupermandigimonpokemon"?
yeah, I was this dorky and this innocent, am still one, innocent i mean

ha.dont laf.2003 k.

both=national bowlers.
i was der for youth national circuit.

attended a function of my uncle's company(2004)

The kids in my family, in my life.*kisses*
I think they are just as cute as I was,yes as I WAS..haha

haha so...?
Mr. Eu.Chem tutor.
hes nice.
Another tutor that i would like to dedicate to would be "Ms June"
the horny wild eng tutor I had XD
shes gonna spank me upside down if she read this haha.

Used to hate.
But i am missing it now.
I miss mah SFI.
(Stay tunned for another specialized post on SFI)

-End of post-

more updates coming up.
Take care ya everyone out there.

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