Sunday, August 31, 2008


To any Avril's fans+readers of mine,

Kindly be patient while I update pics and vids frm the concert wokie?
Im stuck in puchong with that kinda sucky internet connection which u will never consider blogging.(I fcking tried and I gave up)
Its half way through though, leave me a message in the cbox if you want me to inform you once I have posted the Avril' concert post.
Was at my cuzzie's pre-wedding dinner, tommorow will be another busy day. ><
Will update on that if I have got the time to as I seriously have too much to update.
I know Gzel(HK) and lembu(France) must be visiting my blog 12424243498 times each day just to find their faces on my blog. haha, gimme some time la wokie? ^^
Thats all for now temporary.


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