Thursday, August 7, 2008

Another not so ordinary outing.

Wokie Iv recovered from jet lag (时差).
Well it was all due to my weird working schedule for the past whole week.
Now let me rewind rewind and rewind back to three weeks back.
I was forcing myself to get rid the holiday mood and forced myself to study.
well, when I study,
Im totally random. lol.

Prop: Muba's glasses
Venue: College' common room

24th July
Sem break officially declared!
Paper was ok.
Worried and worrying the 100% course marks sub.
whatever.(Lets not grumble, its holiday!)
err first of all, I hereby apologize for the untrue info written by me.
I said my work was supposed to be from 25th-27th July aight?
But, while mi and mah rummate were on our way traveling to my aunt's house to stay overnite, I suddenly had this urge to reconfirm everything wif the employer.
mi : " hello ah beh? so tomoro I shall meet you up at the workshop around what time?"
beh: " huh?tomoro?not tomoro, its 31st July......"

wokie. My bro gave me da wrong info! swt! So since we were already half way through so we decided to meet up wif few of our course mates at midvalley.

We were hell hungry.
We patronized midvalley for times to look for nice and worthy food.
(we were shocked that we actually bumped into 2 other new course mates who just enrolled last sem)
We ended eating at a jap fast food restaurant wif, dun remember the name but it starts wif letter "S" lol. err maybe u could judge from the food?

Salmon + Chicken.RM18+

Da girls den went shopping.
Da guys(me, qq( mah rummate) and fox(jeremy) planned to watch movie.
but due to transportation problem, we couldnt watch any movie because we were lacked of time.
So, I MISSED the 3D dino! haih.

We went to bowl at the sucky cosmic bowl which was one hella famous bowling alley.
Sucky pins, balls and price.
I was aware that I have not been playing bowling since last year MAPCU tournament.
Basically, I cant play anymore. lol.
*poof* gone my basics.
I will let my balls and shoes rot in mah hostel haha.

we actually got so boring that we then went to the arcade center.
I played the drumming game.
AGAIN, I was aware that I havnt been drumming since semester one.
*poof* gone my basics.
Woops i nearly forgotten to tell that I won the daytona race!
wahaha, was hella lucky.
We got bored after sometime and I went to try something which I will never try in malacca.
yeah the dancing machine!LOL
My traveling principle : nobody knows you, do whatever you want.
Well, I sucked in playing that thing.
Before I could even finish my song, a well dressed promoter-look-alike put in a token and took over the machine after me(FYI, back in malacca you will only see those yellow-or-golden-haired guys or girls with bellbottoms occupying such machines 24/7).

Da promoter-alike fella.

Tell you wat, this fella is hella ghay. He could imitates 101% of the jap doll's moves on screen. YES, even those sakura sakura bimbo moves! *faints

Amazed by the sakura guy!LOL

*Click* *click* *Click*
without inserting any token.=_=

We gathered as it was almost time. and i saw this

Im not a guy who is into cars.
say wateva.
but I think this is nice.

We walked and walked, suddenly the girls just acted quite weirdly..

Din you ask me why did I named my post "Another not so ordinary outing." ??
Sudenly, someone said, Gzel has got something to say.

Gzel :"hey this will be my last sem, i wun be continuing in Nilai anymore.."
Mi and qq :" HUH ? Huh? What talk you?"
Gzel :"Im going to hongkong to take my degree nex month."

wokie she likes to give surprise at the very last minute.
well me and qq were the last to know in the gang.
shocking shocking.seriously it was very shocking.
We repeated asking and questioning coz we suspected she might be just joking.
The sorrow looks of her best pal is a prove for evrything.We accepted it with a heavy heart.

If Gzel happens to be reading this,
Gzel :
"you have been a great fren in nilai, take good care of urself and good luck in hongkong yea!"

Last two pics before she headed back.
(frm left: qq, fox, me, gzel, eve(qq's gf), xue fen(fox's gossip gf XD) )

We sat eve's cuz's car back to nilai.

Reflections and flashback which went through mah mind:

to be real frank.
real frank.
I miss foundation' life, just everything.
Just like how I missed secondary school when I was in foundation and how I missed kindergarden when I was in primary and secondary.

Our foundation feasts.

Our very own steamboat.

Our meal at Flamme restaurant which sucked badly.

Our very own fried sausages.

Allson Klana Nilai-buffet.

Old us.


Our trip(genting).

My foundation ghay mates(farewell)
Frm left: me, choy(wig's owner), chua/quan, qq(roommate)

Should we ban em?lol.
Choy-left to monash
Chua-left to inti

In college, In university,
you start to feel the cruel reality.
You, adapt.
or not you leave urself behind everyone else,
just like me.
for a simple reason:
to me, friends are counted in quality, not quantity.
reality wants both.
Reality doesnt give way to people who is determine in keeping old friends.

the following posts' links show how my mates suffer from the cruel reality too:
choy's :

jeff's :

-end at 6.32 am-
back to jet lag?


karen said...

well.. i rmr u said tat.. i kinda agree in it.. but now... i'm confused.. lol.. i dunno wh's my true fren n who's not.. feel like starting al over again....... haha.. nice blog.. full of something..

Ruionkoh said...

haha thats life. If you are observant enough, you will understand that the only person that have faith in you is you yourself ^^ be tough ya.