Saturday, August 23, 2008

Engirlish speak no me.

One of the subject tat I am taking this semester is called Business Communication.
Our tutorial classes are mostly group activities rather than written work and here it goes for one of the tutorials:

Scenario :
An employee who is a native speaker of English is being interviewed for a job by hiring manager who is recent immigrant with relatively poor English skills.

Due to class's seating of the day, I was grouped with another 3Indian girls(pushpam, naresha and sasha)

Sasha & pushpam = interviewees
Naresha = translator
Me = manager with relatively poor Engirlish skills

Here it goes...
(before that please make sure you are not drinking water wokie)

Part 1
Me : Who is you name bitch?(yes i pronounced bitch, a clear one)
*pushpam reacted bosong
Naresha : Sir, its please not bitch...
Me : wokie wokie, who is you name breezzee?
Pushpam: I am pushpam.
Me : push (acted) and pump(acted) you name?
Pushpam: "Pushpam", Sir.
Me : and you?
Sasha : Sasha, sir.
Me : o wokie Sa sa huh?
Sasha : S-A-S-H-A, sir..

Part 2

Me : oki, what is you from?
Sasha : err, you mean where am I from?I am from Sepang...
Me : oooo Se-peeeeng!
Naresha : err sepang, sir.
Me : wokie wokie
Pushpam: I am from Kuala Kubu Baru.
Me : what? Coca-cola?
Me : okie okie, kuale kuru karu.

Part 3
Me : Work where you you go?
Naresha : WHAT?
Naresha : What do you mean by that sir?
Naresha : ooooo, my boss wants to know what working experiences have you got?
Sasha :I have been a sales manager in bla bla bla bla
Pushpam: I have been working in bla bla bla bla
*Naresha translates

Part 4

Me : Money money wat?
Everybody: huh?
Me : yea yea money money wat?
Naresha : ooo, my boss wants to know whats your expectation of the wage' rate?
Sasha : One thousand.
Pushpam: thousand five..
Me : thousand? zelo zelo many?
Naresha : One five zero zero sir.
Me : Ooo wokie wokie..

Part 5
Me : Far far yes? Near near no?
Naresha : oh, my boss is trying to ask whether are you willing to travel?
Both : yes.
Me : How you go come? choo-choo train?
<sasha and pushpam ----> @_@>
Naresha : He means how do you travel to work?by ktm?
Sasha : I have my own car.
Pushpam: Me too..

Part 6
Me : What think you porns and cons here work work?
Naresha : errr sir...its PROs....
Sasha : bla bla bla...
Pushpam: bla bla bla...

Naresha: okie thats all, we will inform you about the final decision later.
Me :*waves* bubye!


CarrieChungie said...

you didnt say dont put mask on.
i spoiled my mask while reading it know. lol so wana watch that scene.

JunJun-Riko said...

lol.. this is funny. XD

Ruionkoh said...

carrie: HAHA soweee i ruined your mask,tell me ur burfday and i will buy u one wokie haha.

junjun-riko:haha thanks thanks hope i did brighten ur day haha.

ruionkoh said...

cool dialogue...
who " invent" it d?
nice job, rui!!!