Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Me VS Beijing Olympic 2008

Lets put the 080808 post aside for a moment before the Olympic's flame goes off.
Together we are shined by the Olympic's torch.

The Beijing's National Stadium for Olympics.

with birdies i guess..
Beijing's National Aquatics Center (水立方)
Its not as nice as I expected.

The Fuwa (福娃)

Da Fuwas' dai kor.

-Me VS Beijing Olympics 2008-

(yeah retard is the word, i know. For now, for real, im turning retard. 10 am class, yet I havent started doing mah tutorial questions, its 4.31am fyi.)


ku E said...

i was there in 2005. that time they were still in the mid of building the stadium... walaweii!!! i should have take pics blerk!

Ruionkoh said...

hahaha jelous onot jelous onot?
*proud proud proud*
honestly i dun really like the structure especially the aquatic centre lol.