Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bloggers outing.

Last week....
Outing wif sista.
Lurve my ghayness lol?

Lurve my sista's dumbness?lol

My current Facebook's primary photo.haha



Ball Rice

= Chicken Balls Rice?LOL

And this morning....


Yes, AGAIN!....LOL

Call me a chicken Balls *cough* rice addict. ^^
A more unique outing this time..
Its with bloggers!
Mi Offered to bring this Seremban's blogger, 5kywalker aka chao-ah-long(LOL I AM LAUGHING AGAIN,sorry T.T) around the town (fyi,5kywalker is attending a camp in Tzu Chi malacca) :D

The hangout crew grew bigger as I called along Desmond(Des11) aka mah secondary sch's junior XD
Desmond(Des11) asked Guigen(Terry chua)-also mah sec sch's junior along.
Mike(ah Mike) came to know about this and he tagged along too ^^

"Hope you guys enjoyed the 60 chicken balls rice lol lol."

The International Sign babeh.
From left: Des, Me, Terry, Chao Ah Long!, and chao ah long'S(ngek ngek ngek)

Cendol, Mi lurve!hope they lurve it too.lol.

Desmond lurve mah ASS~!woohoo

Pictures of the day.




Ping Pong Comp Design.

Asked to design.
Here it is...

Lol.Does it look familiar to you? *giggle*

Monday, September 29, 2008

My school life.

Everybody has got a home, i suppose,
Every home has got its own definition.
My home is a school ground,
we have got a building,
we have got a headmaster,
we have got a teacher,
and I have got a senior.
That should explains everything,
nothing more than that.

And here is the usual line that flows pass your eardrum,
"have you eaten?"
just like how your teacher ask you,
"have you done your homework?"
hardly more than that.

when the headmaster summons you,
11 times out of 10 times,
you know you have got yourself a task/tasks,
or you are in deep shits.
Just like a school,
a headmaster commands more than anybody else,
and you know you cant get the headmaster to do it himself.
egos.egos and egos.
barely more than that.

Just like any school,
they compete for their students' results,
so is mine.
fame.fame. and fame.
nothing more than that.

Just because you were doing well all the while,
the school expects you to do the same all the time,
simply because they have this thought that you are born to be,
and who cares whether how frigging hard have you worked?
Not to boast,
but here goes one of the real life telephony conversation,
"I have got 4flat.";
(you can feel his joyful tone)
"oh?okok good.";
(you can feel the not-so-convinced-or-used-to-it tone as though this is how it is supposed to be)
hardly more than that.

I have missed the first school's trip,
And now i will be missing the second school's trip.
Just like school ground,
it doesnt make much difference even if da juniors are left out from an event?
Fortunately, I was once sponsored and cherished
by a sister school which I feel is much nearer to my soul.
In fact, since the beginning,
I expect,

barely more than that.

Whether the school owes me a trip as a reward
for my spm result,
or whatever it is.
I expect
no more.
I will graduate,
and my pay shall fly me all over the world.
I promise.
And not forgetting,
to prove to my old school that,
I am not just an ordinary student in the school,
I am not just a junior to fill up the school,
or even an item to exhibit to the other school.

I am simply

Saturday, September 27, 2008


It was supposed to be this way but instead, i uploaded tru the wrong waY!~hahaha sad huh!


lol lol lol aint we cute?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nuffnang MAMMA MIA! (permier screening)

*To understand this post better, kindly read my previous post first :) thanks.

After weeks of waiting....
And, finally...
I qualified for my first eva Nuffnang's event!
A pair of tickets for Mamma Mia's premier screening!
The excitement wasnt just about the movie(yes,maybe a lil)..
In fact, the core excitement was to be with a cinema of BLOGGERS(supposingly)!
(fyi, I gave my other ticket to my bro)

And the journey began....
(by me missing 2 classes on Monday LOL LOL)
Got my arse to puchong(from Nilai).
Bro picked me up, took a rest and finally berpushed(as in bertolak).

Don't blame me.
Instead, blame this...


It took us nearly 1 hour to reach 1Utama at around 7.
Movie started at 9 but I went early because I wanted to meet a few of the bloggers.

The planned ones are Marcus , Harry(preferably Hairy) and also Lost(the mystery guy X.x).
The not so planned one would be super-Wilson ! (He dint leave me his cellphone number tsk tsk)

We headed to GSC to have a look once we reached there. There wasnt any booth or anything yet. There werent many people either. Maybe it was too early.

I managed to recognize this copykate who was also hovering around there with her boi. (I didnt approach her to say hi as I doubt she knows who the hell am I even if i tell my name/blog url lol lol.)

I met Harry first. But, just for a short while as he was seriously lucky enough to receive a pair of free tickets(money not enough 2) from some santa strangers~!

While waiting for lost and marcus to arrive,
Me and my bro went ....

B-o-W-L-ing baby!
It had been a long time since i last bowled.
well, nilai's bowling alley bankrupted.
my balls and shoes are hibernating peacefully under my hostel's bed lol.

My cellphones rang in the middle of that and it was the lost guy!Lol went to meet him at the Kluang Station. He is one of the nicest guys i have ever met lol. fun to be with.

You would really wana know who took photos for us.
Its *drumroll* lost's wife!
He's married!
(lost: dont forget your promise to design a gong xi fa chai's tee for me LOL LOL)
He's a designer btw :)

After meal, we went to meet up with the others. (at the same time to collect the ticket)

From left : marcus(the public speaker) , harry(the hairy),lost(the mystery colin), me(the perverted stickman)

Tolcha, im perverted as alwiz.anyway it was Marcus' idea to pin the badge there as to show our lurve to Nuffnang lol

When the gates opened....*jeng jeng jeng*

*the people rushed in(just as seen in Amazing Race lol).

Our very own Hairy.LOL LOL.

Some shots before screening.

YES, aint no joking, SALTY POPCORN(Lost's wife's favourite, a must have snack for her).
I feel like a frog.
Katak di bawah tempurung la doink.How did chu passed ur BM?
The taste?
haha tats what I think.

As many of the famous bloggers were walking up and down to take photos with their friends and fans, we, the not-so-famous ones sat there quietly.
Our very own harry managed to capture a pic with the quite-famous-one(as he was looking for her since he entered the cinema!hahaha),

Hairy and Sherry.
Its just upper body shot, lucky you hairy.LOL lol.

During the screening,

-wtf you expect some photos at this section?LOL-

The movies was just AWESOME!
Credits to the crews!
Creativity is what mi likey!
If I were to close my eyes, I would have thought that its an ABBA's memorial concert.

Eight things you could learn from that movies:
1. We are never too old for sex.
2. MILF is just common back in those days.
3. Condoms are not famous back in those days.
4. Never sleep around, if you do, at least label theirs properly.
5. Like it or not, young bimbos will somehow grow into old bimbos.
6. Never run when you are having a pair of big boobs, it looks awkward
7. James Bond is just not born to sing!go play with your (fire/water)gun instead of the mic.
8. HARRY IS A GAY. (Both, the one on the screen and possibly the one who was sitting few seats next to me LOL)

After the screening,

Can u differentiate between the not-so-famous and the famous bloggers?
haha it was our meeting btw.

Harry,"Hey hey you you!"
anyway spot for some famous bloggers at the back.HAHA

In the end, we decided to go MAMAK!yee har!

This was what Hairy's wife got after putting in a 10 bucks into the parking ticket machine.
The jackpot feeling baby!LOL

At the mamak,

It was flooded wif laughters.Thanks to Hairy's wife for betraying Hairy!HAHA
Have you got urself a GPS like Hairy everyone?LOL LOL.

Our tickets

My bro's random shot.wtf.

At home,

Thanks Nuffnang.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My new boobs, sorry typo, books.

Bought em weeks ago.

Why John Gray?
Well, no need much explanation, I guess all of you should have heard of
"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" huh?
Just so famous.
Saw it in Sunway Pyramid's popular.
It was packed together wif the other book(john gray's too) for the price of one.
with 15% discount for popular members.
why not buy right?
So i bought tat.
I dint even know wat genre was it.
just bought it because it is famous.
And fyi,
it is a relationship handbook/guidebook or i call it BIBLE!lol

whereas, Tony Parsons's "One for My Baby"caught my attention before leaving.
I lurve his "Man and Boy" super heartwarming.
Heres the brief summary of it.

"With more than 750,000 copies sold, Man and Boy has been on the British bestseller list for 50 weeks.

A witty, often eye-dabbing, always heartwarming love story between a father and his four-year-old son.

Set in London, this is the not-to-be-forgotten saga of Harry Silver, who has it all: a beautiful wife, a wonderful son and a great job in the media. But in one night of infidelity, he throws it all away. His wife leaves to take a chance on a new life, leaving Harry at home with the daunting and exhilarating task of raising his son by himself. How Harry Silver discovers parenthood, learns to love his own father, finds a new love and makes the hardest decision of his thirty-plus years provides the magic and tension of this novel."

I was so gonna buy it(Tony Parsons's "One for My Baby") even if I dint see the price.
what enhanced me to buy it was that,
its price is just 12 bucks.
lol. I dont know whats wrong.
So, I just bought it.

but, currently, im addicted to my bible.lol
I wont persuade you to buy/read it.
but I think these quotes from the book will...

  • While Martians (men) tend to pull away and silently think about what's bothering them, Venusians (women) feel an instinctive need to talk about what's bothering them.
    John Gray

  • Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel chrished.
    John Gray

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I want to be a House Bunny because I am Horny.

well,Nuffnang is giving away free movie tickets AGAIN!weeee

Date / Day : 30 Sept / Tue
Time : 9:30PM
Venue : Cathay Cineplex D’sara
Hall : 10
Pax available : 90

House Bunny
(well, I guess the review is everywhere, So, I wont bother doing it again)
(click on the link If you wants to know more about the movie)

Another my kind of movie, comedy+lame+romantic.
But, probably this would be much more girlish.aik aiks.-__-

By the way, I was told If you love Mean Girls, You would love this too. We will see.
I love mean girls.
yeah just the girls, not the "mean".

And heres the trailer for it.

Since the theme of this movie is pink, Let ruionkoh re-present you him in pink.LOL

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ruionkoh.blogspot.com went live in AVRIL's!

What is it about?
-Avril Lavigne's concert in Malaysia(Asia tour)

When was it?
-29th August

Where was it?
-Stadium Merdeka, Kay Ell

Who else were head-banging along with me?
-QQ(pri+sec. school mate+my roommate),chien woon(secondary schoolmate) and chien woon's friend from Inti.

What time did we reach Stadium Merdeka?
-THREE pm LOL. We were just checking out the place. We went to timesquare to wait instead.

How did we got the tickets?
We bought it.lol lame.

How did we go?
-chien woon drove to Puchong(my aunt's house), put our laguage, my bro fetched us to bkt jalil LRT before he went to work at 3.Stopped at station Hang Tuah.

What the hell were we doing while waiting for like hours?
We marched to timesquare, dined in Marrybrown for the first round and then Food and Tea for the second round. And, I managed to camwhore wif my/our tickets.

Around 6PM,we were there..

Entrance for RM98 tickets.

As usual, hitz fm, sony , hotlink and blah blah blah.

Entrance for red zone(ours).
Yes, the line was already THIS long when we reached there.
Ignore the doctor in the photo lol.

The first pic in there(captured using my hp coz initially rumors said tat cameras are now allowed ).
The stage.

The crowd at 7pm++.
Photo of the day.
Unphotoshopped(except that tag).

Ha. Dont call me a pervert.I was just trying to capture both the KL tower and KLCC tower.
But these two pairs of towers were desperate enough to squeeze into my photo.LoL.

I squatted alil just to make sure my big head did not block the stage lol.

I know i look blur lol.

(i personally lurve this pic too)
(unphotoshopped,except the words)

yeah.rained.it was drizzling.

All crazy over plastics?
Raincoats lol.yeah raincoats.

Take 1 Take 2 Take 3.

And I personally I think this pic is cute lol.
(I doubt chien woon will spank me for this,hehe XP)

wasnt trying to be a pirate-wannabe.
Its just feel weird wearing the plastic raincoat.
Try wetting a plastic on your skin and you will know what I mean.

This was my view initially!HAHA.

Better now?LOL.

Okie,take a break. Let me tell you something that you might find it interesting. There was this family there right beside us(Aged mum and the sons+daughters,dint see the dad around). Wokie, the mum was boasting all the 1421748272462849 concerts that she had been to and she was judging and labeling who can sing and who cant. ok, right who cares? But something seriously cut my eardrum when her 15-or-16 years old son said this :

"I would rather study than to wait here mum."


How would you react if someone next to you in the red zone actually say tat?
I should have just told him,

"Boy, Badawi say hor, Avril is too sexy for you, go back kuai kuai study ya?"

Ok, back to the story. After a longgggggggggg(yeah as long as 10 inches) of waiting, an unknown bugger actually appeared on the stage and sang a maroon 5 song which I dont remember the title lol. (Some said he is a winner of some US singing competition, who cares anyway?)
P/S: One Buck Shot was supposed to be the guest band but they couldnt make it or something.

Still, I am fcking jelous because on her previous tours, Avril had got his hubby, Deryck from Sum41(mi lurve Sum41) to be featured as guest and Boys Like Girls (everybody lurves em) on the other tour, DAmn!

Around 9pm.Shows finally started.(Scheduled to be 8.45 actually)
(My camera is not that good to capture nice photos, apologies)

The fans.

If capture using camera is already this blur, I couldnt imagine using handphone -_-

What made him "waaaaahhhh?"

Avril herself of course!Shes just pretty and adorable.
Deryck is hella lucky guy.Damn!

LOL I went high.
that was the purpose of going concert isnt it?

Wokie.After tat I dint take any photos because I wanted to enjoy the concert to the fullest.

And you know what?

Minutes later, the concert ended.we went WTF.
It was just around 10.15pm.


Ticket = RM 338

Cost per minute = RM 338 / 75 Minutes
= RM 4.51 / minute


We camwhored alil after that..

We met the fans club there.They were friendly. *claps*

Last picture before leaving.

We homed back.