Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How polite can my college's student service manager be?

It has been a long time since i last update,before i update the VIP post on avril,lemme do some warm up la wokie?
here you go...

Bumped into one of the senior blogger in Nuffnang the other day(who was once a Nilai-an too)
Cut the story short. He showed me one of the mail he received from Nilai's


That speaks it all.
IF E-mail has Nobel Prize, she could have won it easily.

Now,together we yell,"Nilai Rawks!"

woops.wait.Nilai has new logo. SERIOUS, this is how the new official logo looks like!

Dont ask me why izzit so fugly.

It is just fugly.
Even a random 5 minutes draft can be better-looking.

I wouldnt be surprised if I see My college logo turns into something like this in the future.

If it wasnt for the scholarship' sake, I would have left Nilai..


Ai-Ling said...

Whoa...she is very rude indeed. Trash her!!

Ruionkoh said...

so called student-service-manager.
btw thanks for dropping by yea?

hong rui

Josh said...

How come when I first posted this in INNIT, it does not even have this much nangs... Top10 please!

So everyone knows the ugly side of the college. XD

Ruionkoh said...

LOL its in the top 10.no. 10 lol.
perhaps thats it not moving further haha, you get people to nang la, my friends are limited there,as you know Nangs in there is more like social-related lol.

by the why u also go nang la.haha


Fauzi Rassull: Singapore's Only Male Bitch said...

If I were your friend , i demand an apology. I would do anything to get her into trouble..

We are not here to please people, remeber??

desmondch said...

walau...I change my mine bout going to Nilai Col already..
sack her man!

Ruionkoh said...

Yeah thats the thing. SERVICE MANAGER.CRM-FAILED.

err the only thing which is good about this college is the scholarship.try ur luck.maybe when u come it would be better?lol


Yap Chee Hong said...

what the....

the way she wrote the letter was so b*tchy !
DOnt worrry bout ppl like her, ur results shud be able to take you to MUCH better places :D

WayeYoung said...

hey! I used to be from INTI-UC, in Nilai. Close to nilai UC lol! they offer quite generous scholarships there. why dont u consider? Their student activities is quite active too. Almost every week have events :) Used to be student council :P consider it lol.