Thursday, September 18, 2008

I want to be a House Bunny because I am Horny.

well,Nuffnang is giving away free movie tickets AGAIN!weeee

Date / Day : 30 Sept / Tue
Time : 9:30PM
Venue : Cathay Cineplex D’sara
Hall : 10
Pax available : 90

House Bunny
(well, I guess the review is everywhere, So, I wont bother doing it again)
(click on the link If you wants to know more about the movie)

Another my kind of movie, comedy+lame+romantic.
But, probably this would be much more girlish.aik aiks.-__-

By the way, I was told If you love Mean Girls, You would love this too. We will see.
I love mean girls.
yeah just the girls, not the "mean".

And heres the trailer for it.

Since the theme of this movie is pink, Let ruionkoh re-present you him in pink.LOL

1 comment:

Yap Chee Hong said...

OH GOSH.......*YUCK* LOLZ.....

INNIT THIS! Yeah, ithink you'll get to watch the movie .

oh , and abt the new book u bought , if it can assist me in building better relationships with people men/women alike ....

(runs off 2 buy the book)