Thursday, September 11, 2008


Some of you might have seen this.
But allow me to expose this to those who havnt.

A MUST watch clip of the decade.

Now that you have seen the sohai males,
its time for the females to shine.


e s t a n c u s said...


What a video! you know, i kept saying in my heart, "No obscenity Please. No obscenity!"

Not because my sister was beside me, but because i might throw up if there were any. LoL

What the heck was it all about? i cudnt understand a word! but i must say the song nice lar.. hehe!

Aside form skinny bodies, all things considered, its a video with good choreography and i might just pick a tip or two from them. lol.

Until one part, their house mate came into frame, then terkejot, and hurried away.. i guess must be to hide his shy face lar.. LoL

The Bimbos and Ah lians, sure will find a hot spot in the local film industry lar..!! haha. were you, by any chance, the camera man? because the video was incredibly irritating with the interference noise in the background.

My verdict: Bimbos rock! Ah Lians are just ALL over the place! lol.

Ruionkoh said...

Thanks for the Wtf-ing long comment lol lol.
your sister?is she pwetty?LOL haha.

haha you are a banana izzit?it means im here waiting you to come back LOL LOL. Serious, it has been my dream to do this kinda shit but i dun have the balz lol. Im afraid when I walk around the college, people will spank me up haha.

Hey bimbos are not kewl when they are attitude wise brainless haha.But if to compare both.I would go for bimbos rather than ah lians too!haha. LOL hey I wasnt involved in the shooting.Luckily i wasnt,if i was one of em i would have kill at least one of em.haha yeah the noise kinda irritaiting though,anyway thanks a lotttt for leaving such a long comment ya!

appreciate it alot, trojan!LOL


e s t a n c u s said...

haha. it was my pleasure to have commented. and from the way you replied, it easy to see that you are surprisingly delighted and that it made your day :-D

hong rui? aww.. thts such a nice name! really. i shall call you hong rui from now on, okies? hehez..

My sis? sure she is! folo bradder mah. aisey! haha. oni from 3 lar... give face abit leh. @_@ haha

yeaps! you got me. im banana, the most yellow one you can find, with the whitest inside too! lol. no la, i can speak&listen hokkien, cantonese, but very little mandarin. but im owis learning, making ppl laugh as i go on. LOL

spanking u up in college? *imagination goes WILD..!!* haha

gosh, great minds do certainly think alike! haha. but even in the vid, the bimbos were much more convincing; the ah lians were simply annoying, as far as acting is concerned.

i would have loved to see you kill them. that would have easily made another video! lol. that also, you said, AT LEAST one of them.. LMAO

im glad you enjoy reading my comment because i had just as much fun posting it. :-D

all the best in college and stuff. so be in touch, hong rui.. ma trojan brother from another computer! wtf...??!! LOL

Zoey said...

Well said.

shawncrimson said...

Bimbo and ah lian post is rather annoying. Low quali. The other 1 is superb. ^^ hongrui..we go film something lidat la.