Friday, September 26, 2008

Nuffnang MAMMA MIA! (permier screening)

*To understand this post better, kindly read my previous post first :) thanks.

After weeks of waiting....
And, finally...
I qualified for my first eva Nuffnang's event!
A pair of tickets for Mamma Mia's premier screening!
The excitement wasnt just about the movie(yes,maybe a lil)..
In fact, the core excitement was to be with a cinema of BLOGGERS(supposingly)!
(fyi, I gave my other ticket to my bro)

And the journey began....
(by me missing 2 classes on Monday LOL LOL)
Got my arse to puchong(from Nilai).
Bro picked me up, took a rest and finally berpushed(as in bertolak).

Don't blame me.
Instead, blame this...


It took us nearly 1 hour to reach 1Utama at around 7.
Movie started at 9 but I went early because I wanted to meet a few of the bloggers.

The planned ones are Marcus , Harry(preferably Hairy) and also Lost(the mystery guy X.x).
The not so planned one would be super-Wilson ! (He dint leave me his cellphone number tsk tsk)

We headed to GSC to have a look once we reached there. There wasnt any booth or anything yet. There werent many people either. Maybe it was too early.

I managed to recognize this copykate who was also hovering around there with her boi. (I didnt approach her to say hi as I doubt she knows who the hell am I even if i tell my name/blog url lol lol.)

I met Harry first. But, just for a short while as he was seriously lucky enough to receive a pair of free tickets(money not enough 2) from some santa strangers~!

While waiting for lost and marcus to arrive,
Me and my bro went ....

B-o-W-L-ing baby!
It had been a long time since i last bowled.
well, nilai's bowling alley bankrupted.
my balls and shoes are hibernating peacefully under my hostel's bed lol.

My cellphones rang in the middle of that and it was the lost guy!Lol went to meet him at the Kluang Station. He is one of the nicest guys i have ever met lol. fun to be with.

You would really wana know who took photos for us.
Its *drumroll* lost's wife!
He's married!
(lost: dont forget your promise to design a gong xi fa chai's tee for me LOL LOL)
He's a designer btw :)

After meal, we went to meet up with the others. (at the same time to collect the ticket)

From left : marcus(the public speaker) , harry(the hairy),lost(the mystery colin), me(the perverted stickman)

Tolcha, im perverted as alwiz.anyway it was Marcus' idea to pin the badge there as to show our lurve to Nuffnang lol

When the gates opened....*jeng jeng jeng*

*the people rushed in(just as seen in Amazing Race lol).

Our very own Hairy.LOL LOL.

Some shots before screening.

YES, aint no joking, SALTY POPCORN(Lost's wife's favourite, a must have snack for her).
I feel like a frog.
Katak di bawah tempurung la doink.How did chu passed ur BM?
The taste?
haha tats what I think.

As many of the famous bloggers were walking up and down to take photos with their friends and fans, we, the not-so-famous ones sat there quietly.
Our very own harry managed to capture a pic with the quite-famous-one(as he was looking for her since he entered the cinema!hahaha),

Hairy and Sherry.
Its just upper body shot, lucky you hairy.LOL lol.

During the screening,

-wtf you expect some photos at this section?LOL-

The movies was just AWESOME!
Credits to the crews!
Creativity is what mi likey!
If I were to close my eyes, I would have thought that its an ABBA's memorial concert.

Eight things you could learn from that movies:
1. We are never too old for sex.
2. MILF is just common back in those days.
3. Condoms are not famous back in those days.
4. Never sleep around, if you do, at least label theirs properly.
5. Like it or not, young bimbos will somehow grow into old bimbos.
6. Never run when you are having a pair of big boobs, it looks awkward
7. James Bond is just not born to sing!go play with your (fire/water)gun instead of the mic.
8. HARRY IS A GAY. (Both, the one on the screen and possibly the one who was sitting few seats next to me LOL)

After the screening,

Can u differentiate between the not-so-famous and the famous bloggers?
haha it was our meeting btw.

Harry,"Hey hey you you!"
anyway spot for some famous bloggers at the back.HAHA

In the end, we decided to go MAMAK!yee har!

This was what Hairy's wife got after putting in a 10 bucks into the parking ticket machine.
The jackpot feeling baby!LOL

At the mamak,

It was flooded wif laughters.Thanks to Hairy's wife for betraying Hairy!HAHA
Have you got urself a GPS like Hairy everyone?LOL LOL.

Our tickets

My bro's random

At home,

Thanks Nuffnang.


Harry said...

OH gosh.. u are so in love with Harry.. please count how many Harry/Hairy had you typed in your blog..
MUAHAHAZ.. New discovery.. Rui is GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Josh said...


c@nEy said...

hey...i recognize you now...erm, if not mistaken...that day premier i was just 3 or 4 seats away to your right...haha...

SherryMint said...

haha! i'm not famous!

lol. but thanks for the pix anyway >< and oh! now i rmber how lost looks like. lol!

jolyn cutiez said...

uhuhuhu.. i felt left out...

Ruionkoh said...

haha it doesnt appear as many times as the number of hairs could be so no worries hahaha as long i can afford to mention your name haha. I have GPS too!haha

LOst is married but hairy is on his way haha^^

I hate it for not knowing u earlier ishhhh ishh hahaha

hahah i linked u for the pic u shud be proud huh!haha :P
lol lost is hawt huh!lol i know sherry onli look at hawt guys aite aite?haha

haha dun worry this is just the beginning. Life is longer than you think. Have fun!haha

deepest regards,
ruionkoh aka hong rui


e s t a n c u s said...

Wakakakakakak!! super happening post! thnx for the honorary title of (The public speaker..) lol. nice post, esp wit the pics! (wei, where got my idea pin it DOWN THERE? whos the pervie now?) lol..

been around alot lar lately, gila. catch up with you soon!