Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ping Pong Comp Design.

Asked to design.
Here it is...

Lol.Does it look familiar to you? *giggle*


Josh said...

Hoh! Plagiarize hollywood idea! Report police. XD jkjk

not bad the design. ^_^

c@nEy said...

before i read where is the place...i already pengsan d

Harry said...

hm.. design kinda plan~~

hehe.. and dull i think.. but just my point of view ~.~ some colour aint matching and aint attracting..

but be it if that's ur 101% effort.. u did a great job designing one already..

zhenlong25 said...

balls of fury @.@
copyright! lol not bad though~

jėss.T said...

told u most of my comments de rite? got sumn pointers here n there but overall, good job done for a first time =)



Yatz said...

err..dunno..havent seen such movie poster before..but it's nice..

Cherry said...

giggle? holy HAHA.
Don't look familiar to me. Ima noob =(

2nd-Hamsterlord said...

This is a good piece for a beginner. =)

Keep it up!!