Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ruionkoh.blogspot.com went live in AVRIL's!

What is it about?
-Avril Lavigne's concert in Malaysia(Asia tour)

When was it?
-29th August

Where was it?
-Stadium Merdeka, Kay Ell

Who else were head-banging along with me?
-QQ(pri+sec. school mate+my roommate),chien woon(secondary schoolmate) and chien woon's friend from Inti.

What time did we reach Stadium Merdeka?
-THREE pm LOL. We were just checking out the place. We went to timesquare to wait instead.

How did we got the tickets?
We bought it.lol lame.

How did we go?
-chien woon drove to Puchong(my aunt's house), put our laguage, my bro fetched us to bkt jalil LRT before he went to work at 3.Stopped at station Hang Tuah.

What the hell were we doing while waiting for like hours?
We marched to timesquare, dined in Marrybrown for the first round and then Food and Tea for the second round. And, I managed to camwhore wif my/our tickets.

Around 6PM,we were there..

Entrance for RM98 tickets.

As usual, hitz fm, sony , hotlink and blah blah blah.

Entrance for red zone(ours).
Yes, the line was already THIS long when we reached there.
Ignore the doctor in the photo lol.

The first pic in there(captured using my hp coz initially rumors said tat cameras are now allowed ).
The stage.

The crowd at 7pm++.
Photo of the day.
Unphotoshopped(except that tag).

Ha. Dont call me a pervert.I was just trying to capture both the KL tower and KLCC tower.
But these two pairs of towers were desperate enough to squeeze into my photo.LoL.

I squatted alil just to make sure my big head did not block the stage lol.

I know i look blur lol.

(i personally lurve this pic too)
(unphotoshopped,except the words)

yeah.rained.it was drizzling.

All crazy over plastics?
Raincoats lol.yeah raincoats.

Take 1 Take 2 Take 3.

And I personally I think this pic is cute lol.
(I doubt chien woon will spank me for this,hehe XP)

wasnt trying to be a pirate-wannabe.
Its just feel weird wearing the plastic raincoat.
Try wetting a plastic on your skin and you will know what I mean.

This was my view initially!HAHA.

Better now?LOL.

Okie,take a break. Let me tell you something that you might find it interesting. There was this family there right beside us(Aged mum and the sons+daughters,dint see the dad around). Wokie, the mum was boasting all the 1421748272462849 concerts that she had been to and she was judging and labeling who can sing and who cant. ok, right who cares? But something seriously cut my eardrum when her 15-or-16 years old son said this :

"I would rather study than to wait here mum."


How would you react if someone next to you in the red zone actually say tat?
I should have just told him,

"Boy, Badawi say hor, Avril is too sexy for you, go back kuai kuai study ya?"

Ok, back to the story. After a longgggggggggg(yeah as long as 10 inches) of waiting, an unknown bugger actually appeared on the stage and sang a maroon 5 song which I dont remember the title lol. (Some said he is a winner of some US singing competition, who cares anyway?)
P/S: One Buck Shot was supposed to be the guest band but they couldnt make it or something.

Still, I am fcking jelous because on her previous tours, Avril had got his hubby, Deryck from Sum41(mi lurve Sum41) to be featured as guest and Boys Like Girls (everybody lurves em) on the other tour, DAmn!

Around 9pm.Shows finally started.(Scheduled to be 8.45 actually)
(My camera is not that good to capture nice photos, apologies)

The fans.

If capture using camera is already this blur, I couldnt imagine using handphone -_-

What made him "waaaaahhhh?"

Avril herself of course!Shes just pretty and adorable.
Deryck is hella lucky guy.Damn!

LOL I went high.
that was the purpose of going concert isnt it?

Wokie.After tat I dint take any photos because I wanted to enjoy the concert to the fullest.

And you know what?

Minutes later, the concert ended.we went WTF.
It was just around 10.15pm.


Ticket = RM 338

Cost per minute = RM 338 / 75 Minutes
= RM 4.51 / minute


We camwhored alil after that..

We met the fans club there.They were friendly. *claps*

Last picture before leaving.

We homed back.




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