Monday, September 29, 2008

My school life.

Everybody has got a home, i suppose,
Every home has got its own definition.
My home is a school ground,
we have got a building,
we have got a headmaster,
we have got a teacher,
and I have got a senior.
That should explains everything,
nothing more than that.

And here is the usual line that flows pass your eardrum,
"have you eaten?"
just like how your teacher ask you,
"have you done your homework?"
hardly more than that.

when the headmaster summons you,
11 times out of 10 times,
you know you have got yourself a task/tasks,
or you are in deep shits.
Just like a school,
a headmaster commands more than anybody else,
and you know you cant get the headmaster to do it himself.
egos.egos and egos.
barely more than that.

Just like any school,
they compete for their students' results,
so is mine.
fame.fame. and fame.
nothing more than that.

Just because you were doing well all the while,
the school expects you to do the same all the time,
simply because they have this thought that you are born to be,
and who cares whether how frigging hard have you worked?
Not to boast,
but here goes one of the real life telephony conversation,
"I have got 4flat.";
(you can feel his joyful tone)
"oh?okok good.";
(you can feel the not-so-convinced-or-used-to-it tone as though this is how it is supposed to be)
hardly more than that.

I have missed the first school's trip,
And now i will be missing the second school's trip.
Just like school ground,
it doesnt make much difference even if da juniors are left out from an event?
Fortunately, I was once sponsored and cherished
by a sister school which I feel is much nearer to my soul.
In fact, since the beginning,
I expect,

barely more than that.

Whether the school owes me a trip as a reward
for my spm result,
or whatever it is.
I expect
no more.
I will graduate,
and my pay shall fly me all over the world.
I promise.
And not forgetting,
to prove to my old school that,
I am not just an ordinary student in the school,
I am not just a junior to fill up the school,
or even an item to exhibit to the other school.

I am simply

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