Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

This coming Halloween will be different from the past that I have had...

I am not gotta stay at home and rot like any other Malaysians do anymore...

simply because I am the potential guest for this coming event...


And now what to wear?
Can I dress as a pirate?

Can I dress as an emo kid?

Can I dress as a Disney's character?
Can I dress as a Nickelodeon's character?
Can I dress as a Jedi?
Can I dress as an emperor?
Can I dress as a pirated MJ?
Can I dress as a POM POM guy?
Can I dress as a clown?
Can I dress as a phantom?
Can I dress as a Doomsday's character?Can I dress as a pirated VCD seller?
Can I dress as a sakai?
Can I dress as a saw-man?
Can I dress as a cangkul-man?

Wooooopsss!! Hold on, it says Halloween celebrities.. so..

Can I dress as Pink the singer?






passed?I doubt...


And now all I need is Nokia XpressMusic to be at the party!
simply because Nokia XpressMusic is gonna rock the party together with Nuffnang!!
Mind you, this is not an ordinary party with noise, its da first ever Silent Halloween Party!

With Nokia XpressMusic,
Your music goes where you go!
Create playlists, download new music in your phone and see the content in Visual Radio,
Just wonders!
Boost your music experience like how it boost "mine"(as seen in the last photo)

Ruionkoh would like to send his Nokia Xpress Music and Nuffnang Halloween regards to his reader....


"Trick or treat?"


Josh said...

U damn scary fella... Nuffnang dun invite you also cannot already. XD

♥ JessieTan said...


vvens said...

your pictures are damn scary! ahaha all the best :)

♥ JessieTan said...

its okay. =)

hope u gedit though, cos it'll make me proud as well!


♥ JessieTan said...

its okay. =)

hope u gedit though, cos it'll make me proud as well!


debra fong said...

your nuffnang silent party post is fantastic!


Spectre said...

dude lidat u sure boleh masuk I think!

.:shirlyn:. said...

I vote for PINK!!! *yuhoo~
it's so SEXY! bet you can be sexier than your kenken?? haha!!!

Ann said...

Hahahahah so funny with your pink wig ! :D

jolyn cutiez said...

Tudia.. Cunted Man.. Or women..
Oiyo.. ur last picture with boobies.. Confused me d..@@"

Anonymous said...

wow, nice post and very scary too...i'm sure u will get invited and maybe win urself a nokia xpressmusic hp

Harry said...

trwo thumbs up!

TNH said...

haha...hope you get the chances..i'm interested but imposiible for me to join this event

Ruionkoh said...

haha im not the scariest one though, there are many better ones ^^

Soweee again for everything yea

haha thanks so much ^^

yours is cool as welll! ^^

tats what you THINK onli haha so many ppl scarier though lol

LOL sexy can I?XD XD XD

haha sexy?awww thanks ^^

haha shemale loR X_x LOL LOL

I doubt i can win coz there are many other better entries though T.T haha

Thanksss hairy for the compliment !!^^

hongrui said...

u arh!!!
quite alot custom de hor!!!


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

hey hey ruionkoh. it is cool man.

k e N t z a i .. said...

hahah!! yi ji bang!

JOE E. said...

hey radical costume pix! btw thx 4 hitting my blog dude!

chiiliyeow said...

i vote for sakai!