Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nilai University College PingPong Team Challenege Day 1

Bloggers gathering ended. It was fun. I wish I have time to update about it now but as I mentioned in the previous post, im flooded with continuous activities and events recently.

In this particular post, I am gonna briefly narrate about me and my team's Day 1 performance in the NUC pingpong team challenge tournament.

Random regulations of the game/tournament :
1)Each team consists of 3 players.
2)Team that takes 3 out of 5 matches win.

(sequence of the 5matches= single, single, double, single , single)
3)Player that takes 3 sets out of 5 sets win. Each set=11 points.

Initially I dint plan to join that competition until this current teammate of mine invited me to join his team, so i accepted the invitation.
So basically, i dun really know the other 2 of my teammates. and I wasnt the one who named my team as "Porsche" lol.

We(Porsche) played against three teams in the first day.

First Match
Quite a tight fight, lost 2-0 at first but still managed to win in the end.
(* = the games that I played)

Second Match
As tight as hai. Strongest team among all. feat champion of the year.

Saw the score of the last match?
I was simply on pressure dammit.
I have to win in order to make my team win.
I was down by two sets initially
but I managed to chase till 2-2.
I was mentally defeated.
I missed two shots in a row when the scoreboard showed
"9-9" in the last game.

Third Match
Easy match...
-End of day 1-
More teams to come tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

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