Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pizzas got raped!

Warning : This post contains adult content , please read twice if you are under-age.

This is a story about....


Once upon a time....

There lived two leng lui pizzas.

Ms Petpetloni...
(Pizza with the biggest eyes;
Bunny House's quote "eyes are the nipples to the face" lol)

and also Ms Kawaii Chicken.. xixixi

They actually believed and joined this Skim Cepat Kaya(Fast-money scheme) which turned out to be a scam. They were actually put on promotion on 1300 88 2525. RM 40 for two!

One day, they got booked finally..by two hungry(as in food or sex?watever lol) bastards.

Fortunately or unfortunately, one of the two bastards actually had the same habit as Edison Chen(wanted to link initially but decided not to XD) . He then stripped both the Ms Petpetloni and Ms Kawaii Chicken naked totally and asked his mate to capture a photo of him hugging both of em in his arms.

Look at his perverted face,
he flying needs a fly in his ass.
Someone fly him~

The two bastards have decided to share share. Different flavours mar!They went on with "you take top half, I take bottom half basis,50:50 basis."They gang raped Ms Kawaii Chicken first simply because she has an Ah Lian-ish name. The edison imposter was cruel enough to snap her mum-i-got-raped-looks.

She wetted the bed..
Note: the McDonald Chilli flavour lubricant was actually collected by the two bastards a day before at 5am when they actually raped Sausage McMuffins .

One of them then said , "One down, another one to go!"
They shifted their attention to Ms Petpetloni.

"Im innocent~" said Petpetloni.

One of the mates rapped the top half without even considering any factors.
The holier hearted one(as seen in the photo), actually felt bad and stopped raping half way lol.

Ms petpetloni ended up as a 25% virgin still.
----------the end---------


The moral of the story: One at a time, two is tiring. LOL

P/S: I ripped off Ms Petpetloni's 25% virginity in the middle of the nite. X.x X.x

Cut the crap..
k, we actually finished 8 pieces of Large size pizzas each(=1 large pizza). XD


Yvonne Yong said...

poor pizzas! XD

JunJun-Riko said...

walao eh.. damn gerli leh u put it til this way... >.<

テリヤキ teriyaki aka vincent said...

using pizza u oso can come out wit a nice n funny post...
*stomach pain cause of laugh...
anyway... nice post...
=) i have to learn more from u...

tZeLih said...

did you fuck the pizza like the dude American Pie ??

LOok at your face..i bet you did...
cuz you said "one is enough, 2 is tiring"
LOL, kidding nia...


TNH said...

wow..you really can eat alot...normally one large pizza is too much for me...

Wenz 宛仟 & Denz 浩安 said...

wow...one large pizza is alot....nice post! :D

alicia said...

wah pizze can also kena bang.lols

anw nice and interesting post.


PehHwa said...

haha.. creative but agree with junjun riko aso =.=

Baby said...

poor pizzas

Michael John Kon said...

nyummy!!!i want!!!


fimelime said...

eww wtf rui. u r sooooooo sleeping outside caney's house.

Ruionkoh said...

Haha not poor wokay!they are lucky!haha

aiks aiks its meant to be geli XD

lol lol it was just a spontaneous idea, thought it would be boring if I were to write it in the dull way. XD

woooopssss You could actually read from my expression XD XD anyway it was pretty tiring XD

haha that day I din eat anything except that pizza XD

Thanks for the compliment :) i do know its big too!haha tats why i blog about it haha

awww thanks so much for the compliment haha!

grosss leh XD XD bluek

not poor but rich..lame i know haha

haha too bad too late!LOL

haha NO i am so not sleeping outside but you are!ngek ngek ngek!

Konea Kamin said...

I will never look at pizzas the same way ever again. HAHA! =.=