Saturday, November 29, 2008


Note: this is not an interesting post,just something personal, read at your own risk. Contains emoness. Emo-haters exit at the top right corner.k thx bye.

Yes, I am supposed to study.
I owe myself an explanation for slacking throughout the whole semester.

stickface padan muka.

Whos with you?
You and yourself.

Have fun.

Now tell me,

Whodafark cares whether you survive or you die nine feet under?

If you are living as two,
at least, you have got someone there for you.
I suppose?

have been avoiding posting
personal deep thoughts and feelings for some time,

but i phailed.

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Anonymous said...

never let urself fall so far down. get back up again. do anything that makes u feel better :)

Kurogane said...

Oh my God...dun be so sad....

I got that feeling before, it's like the world is against u.DUn be that sad ok?? try to calm down and make urself feel better...

Cathy said...

weee...emo season is here..everyone having emo post..haha

anne marie isabelle said...

awww.... Nannu Rui... don't be sad... *hugs*

You have friends... like me ^^

and soon u finish exam... we all go out bowling with jeff and karena for char siew... yea!!!...

Look forward and remember those things tat r going to make you happy... *hugs*

You can kacau me anytime if u feel u need to talk to someone ^^

quixiotically__yours said...



times may seem tough .. but you'll get through it... You're a smart cookie =D
Remember to take a breather once in a while... everything will work out =]

Hope you're feeling better

Yi Ling said...

hey there, cheer up alrights? =) there's more to life then just the negative things. so yeah. dont let it bring you down! cry. and then move on. ^^

Harmony said...

Cheer up ~

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

the key of being not emo. that is if u dont want to? =P

Cheer up mate