Friday, November 7, 2008

Unexpected guest in my blog.

Kennysia dropped by in my previous post...


First thought that came to my mind was,
"wadafark, not another sohai imposter..."

As i clicked on...

Thanks Kennysia For dropping by.
: )

Kenny got shaved too.


Wen said...

OMFGGGG ~!!! KennySia!!!!
U damn lucky mannnn!!
Got comment some more~~
Now u Big Shot liao lohhh..
Paris Hilton ma.. kekeke..
Grats man!

blue_racoon said...

parrruuiiiii!!! damn jeles all the guys go after u. what about me?! WHAT ABOUT ME???!!!

Steven said...

that means that he does blog-hop too when he's free. lol.

irresistible said...

wah!!! u seem to be flying on cloud 9 alr.. hehe..

Gromit said...


got this kind of thing
looke like its funny :)

Lynn said...

Wow this is cool hahha.
Anyway the photo's damn funny XD

Ruionkoh said...

weeeiii you winn leehhh you got sam poh sumore come in a pair sumore mine onli kennysia left a line and thats it XD

blue racoon:
hahaha get the girls racoon go go go the gilrs are waiting for you and after that we exchange wokay? XD

ahaha yeah i was surprised too!

abit abit lor XD beginner ma XD


haha i find it farnay too XD evybdy lurves their bushes haha|


Anonymous said...

Hi all. How are you?