Thursday, December 18, 2008

The day Ruionkoh turned 19 finally.

I am saying this but you might think I am just boasting,
believe it or not,
this is my BESTEST birthday so far - in 19 years time.
So be proud that you made a history in my mind :)

You might be wondering....

the first one to wish me?

*jeng jeng jeng*

Wrong guess people!
Its the kiasu Padini!
It came in the end of November~
Try harder next time people XD

Wokay another guess for you..

second one?

you think you know?
No, you dont. LOL

Free movie ticket from GSC.
Beginning of Dec.

Cut the crap.

I hereby,
for the first time,
am getting into serious business;
wanna thank
the following people
for making my 19th birthday an unforgettable one :)

Thanks for the wishes and everything:
(in no particular order)
(forgive me if i have left out any, do leave me a message)

♥carrie, sister, parents, brother, 4th aunt and cousins, youngest aunt, cuzzie Ein, cuzzie Shin Yi, Qi Quan, Pak Foong, Nian Yang, Chien Woon, Teck Hin, Guan Beng, Yu Kiong, Zhong Yang, Chia Jie, Yew Ping, Jeremy Ng Fox Fox, Mei Mei, Hui Yee, Wei Shez, Kuan Hee, Xue Fen, Siew Mun, Miky, Eddie, Fang Wei, Angeline Au, William Lim, KenKen, Michael Yip, Vivien Sam, Derek Yap, Spectre Phang, Jyi Sim, Tang Hou Ket, Nicole Lai, Adib Abidin, Juinn Ruei Tan, Grace Gan, Shirlyn Siling, Celine Yap, Kenny Lai, Hui Qwan, Yuin Yi Lee, Sherynne Ng, Leong Carmen, Pau Mei Mei, MienZer Chin, Wee Shen Teo, Navin Chandra, Wilson Ng, Adeline Bock, Alex Chang, Bel, Yen Yin, Zues, Shaun Damien, Calynn, Bryan lyt, Ah Long(zhen long), Goh shiying, Cindy Gan, Shi Rui, Agnes Lee, Amanda Lai, Leow Jia Shen, DSX(yangyangboi), Karen, Vanessa Yeow, Min Sze, Nigel Sia, Carmen Chiam, Jamie Goh, Jamie Liew, Goh Soon Heng, Curry Egg, Michelle, Pat Tay, Shon Chong, Julian Yap, Jason Yew, Yeah Ruen, Teh Teng chieh, Isaac Cheah, khuan yew, Kwee Ling, Goh Ai Lee, Tan Juinn Ruei, Cathy, Berry, Zheng Yi, Jolene Lum, Lisa Lau, Gizelle, Johnny Ong, Anne Marie, Kok Zi Wen, Yi Xuan, Samantha Kuah, Huay Ee, Lushan, Yiling, Avis, Alex Eng(lala bro), Mark Christopher, Josh Ong, Vegness, Aretha, Ling Zhang, Caney, Chris Thoo, Venessa tye, Sebastian Chiew, tsu chong

I had a few awesome celebrations this year.

The 1st Birthday celebration was by my wonderful coursemates.
Sorry but I do not have any photo of that day.
But it was a simple but sweet celebration as everyone was in exam mood.
FYI, we did not eat the cake, simply because
i) I struggled while they pushed my head against the cake
ii) Someone pushed my face against the cake so hard that made the cake dropped.

I was pretty sure its the second one :P
Er, but it is not important larrr cake only mar.
I was definitely surprised by the effort they put in making the surprise birthday celebration for me together with another coursemate who shares the same birthday month.

Their plan failed. BOoooo XD

Too advanced sms.
Before i was summoned downstairs,
one of my coursemates who is already back to hometown messaged me and wished me happy bday in advance. I was shocked as it was still the beginning of the month!
Note: she couldnt make it for the celebration as shes back to hometown and she thought we were already celebrating when she wished me. kakakaka.

That evening was an odd one.
I offered to drive my roommate out but he declined and took the bus instead.
I was surprised!
Note: me and my roommate ALWAYS prefer a car ride than a bus ride. HAHA.

Weird phone call.
this Jeremy fox called me out of sudden,
and asked me to go down to eat the food I asked em to help me dabao.
He said, " Harlow, Rui ar, we all downstairs in the canteen, waiting for you already, you can come to eat your food now"
Note: "WE ALL" I was like O.o Why do you need so many people to accompany me to eat? XD XD XD

Anyhow, I still thank them a million for setting up the surprise party!!!
Dear coursemates:Try harder next year wokay! XD
And this is the lovely present from them.
Thanks to my dear coursematessssss.
now the booster and pillows on my bed have new partner! ^^


The 2nd countdown celebration was with my mighty sister! XD

I made her to go jonker so to get my baby's-alike temporary tattoo XD

We had a cotton candy before that.
Er sorry, correction, my sis made it.XD

1) Candy in the making

2) Sooooooo proud of her Christmas-tree-alike cotton candy.

3) SO, i buat-buated layan.

4) By the time, we were gonna start eating......

Half gone.... -_-

(seeing me having one lovely temporary tattoo, sis was tempted to have one on her collarbone too XD )

and that was not the end, I made my sis to bring me to explore a place in Klebang called The Sampan.
Note: by the time, we were there, we cant order any food anymore, kitchen closed. and I couldnt see the sea either. Dumbarse land reclaiming project which ruined my original plan.


We count-down-ed there. (sis' boi-a pilot is on flight so couldnt celebrate with her T.T) Well, my sis was kinda busying with numerous incoming calls when the clock struck 12. I received a couple of smses. good enough though. The expected and unexpected. Well, sis if you are reading this, I am sorry for da home-going part kay. And thanks for being understanding though. Still, thanks dam much for helping and guiding me along(till now)!You made "US" happen! XD

AND not forgetting my sister for her lovely pressie!
Decent enough?
bangga sial,
I was crowned.

wait till you see this...


Okay what were those?


Its pillowcases which cant be used
Handmade wokay!
Thanks sister ^^ alooot.


4th celebration is none other than my Ex-highsch China gang one day after my birthday.
It was a heart-warming celebration as I havnt met them for quite some time.
Time flies, many went overseas, and many more to go. *deep sigh*
We did the usual China-gang-do-thing-thing.
They treated me at Windmill.
(Side story: I was so stupid to thought that mixed grill=chicken and fish. dammit, I gave away my lamb and beef T.T)
We Dota-ed.
(Something Im not good in -_-)
And they gave me two scary monster-looking pressies this year which looked like this.

What was the first thing that came into your mind?





I tell you.
they are HUGE.
trust me.
(THANKS A MILLION THE KAKIIS YO! It must have cost alot tsk)

See yourself.
It is like the mutation of Pukimon.
I dint buy any of those.
They are all pressies.

From left: size S - Coursemates(2008),
size M - Coursemates(2007),
size L - Sister (2006),
size XXL - X high schoolmates(2008).

But this one I bought myself. LOL

no more spongebob plushie for me next year wokay?
I have gathered all the sizes already.
you can find something bigger than this...


Hold on.

Are you sleepy or something?
Didnt you notice that I skipped 3rd celebration?
Didnt you notice that I didnt mention how did I celebrated my exact birthday?
With who I celebrated my exact birthday?
What pressie I got during my exact birthday?

wokay wokay,
im gonna tell you now.

which is also on the exact birthday of mine,
I received "something" which money can NEVER buy,
"something" which is sweeter than anything else,
"something" which only exists as one,
"something" you cant have..
The "something" is "someone"...
which I think ONE would be more than enough.
(I accept no more "biggest present" ^^ )


Mah baby's companion on my birthday means more than anytg else.

(b, "not-so-big" aite?= P Thanks so much for everything.)
rie, if you are reading this, you should know i mean it ^^

4 tickets for 2 persons.
sour yet sweet.
something that shall always be remembered.
The date b XD
tsk tsk.


Once again.
Thanks everyone for making my birthday
a superduperultimatehypergiga


Hey , people out there~


Thanks once again :)
you know who you are...


Lynn said...

OOOO happy bday!
*snatches your PDI card away*

TsuChong said...

Happy bday dude.

now add me to the list!

Yi Ling said...

i see that you've enjoyed yourself! haha. and having that special someone celebrate with you makes it even more sweeter XD

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happy birthday! :)