Friday, December 12, 2008

Freee condom FREEEEDOM!

(Finals over!)

say what?

(Semester break!)

say what?

(Sit house shake legs watch cartoons)

By the way,
Here r some updates regarding my finals.

1. Nilai So-called University College is wise enough to arrange my exam time table as such : 9th 10th and 11th.

2. My marketing lecturer is so kind that he mistakenly gave us the wrong scope for our marketing paper (He gave us resit paper's scope)

3. I slept 2 hours the night before marketing paper(9th), sleepless nite for econs paper(10th) and 2 hours for ICT paper(11th)

4. Just to let you know that, hand phones are not allowed in exam hall.

5. Here are some pictures I took with my hand phone mobile phone during finals last semester.

The papers.


Andy Eddie Law

China-imported-Pirated-VCD seller William Gao

5. Here are some pictures I took with my hand phone mobile phone during finals this semester.

9th 10th 11th 9th 10th 11th 9th 10th 11th.... -_-

*mobile phone warming up*

Itu melayu gang.

"Yo yo yo"

Our very own lao fox.

"Ohhhh My Lao darlingggg~"

"KaWaIi nEhH? *puff cheeks* xixixixi.Me iS cUtE mAR?"

Do you remember the number one?

6. 1 hour for 50 MCQs is just too long that I made fun of Julian in front of me.


7. I am still having nightmare with that way-too-lala modern-"chick" who swung in 10 minutes late to the exam hall. Not to mention her 9 layers of make up She wore the combination of these:

1meter height striking yellow pumps + Black knee length socks.
( I have tried my best to photoshop it for you to imagine as i cant google any combination of these, this is way too modern)

And yes ... she was sitting for exam.

Two possibilities:
i) She was clubbing till Thursday' morning. And she went for exam right away.
(Er, anyone went Barcelona or MOS on da Wed nite? seen her?)


ii) She was heading for a daytime clubbing after that morning paper.


Yi Ling said...

LOL. someone sure has lots of time huh. XD

Johnny Ong said...

dunno how to answer is it? so got time to take pics all over and start giving nicknames to everyone hehe

~~wilson~~ said...

so hand phone and mobile phone are different ... lol ..

btw ... that is seriously *ahem outfit with that chick ... lmao

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

that's naughty of you =P