Monday, December 15, 2008

I THINK I have tried my best : (

I have no idea how they do their research on this but I do find horoscope analysis is accurate most of the time.

This is mine.

A man who loves social life and curious about every new progress, new development to make sure he is in the era and always have all up date information. He likes to know what is the latest trend of fashion and make sure he is not out of style. You can easily spot him at the grand opening of new pub, new restaurant for he loves to participate in social activity.

There is a few Sagittarius who is a private person as well, but you could see that he will be ahead of his friends. He will knows what is the best seller book, what are the top 10 hot hit of the week. The hottest movies showing now, he must have already seen it.

He hates routine, It makes him bored. He likes to get to his goals and succeeding in doing so is his true reward. Money making is O.K. but it is not his true joy, for he can easily spent them in a short while. They say if you want the truth, go and ask Sagittarius. They are right, you can ask him and he will tell you all the truth and very straight forward. Even he may speak bluntly, his friends loves him. If you have problems, all your friends may feel sorry for you, but Sagittarius will be the one who will give you a helping hand first and even expect no return favor. That's why he is a real charmer even sometimes big mouth.

When he is mad , he can be quite fierce but quickly dissolve and easily forgotten. He is not a person who will take a revenge, so if he say he going to burn down your house, you can relax. He likes compliments and sweet words, so you can manipulate him easily. If he knows you are not sincere, you will totally become meaningless to him.

Some Sagittarius are gifted musician, or singer. He is a happy soul, has a good humor and has lots of jokes. He loves freedom, lively and very energetic. If he is working, he will take his job seriously. He likes to travel, likes to see new exciting places. Going out or traveling make him happy.

Sagittarius man is like a free bird. He lives as if everyday is Sunday. He will hardly be in a bad mood, but if he is in a bad mood, you will better leave his sight. If you want to talk to him in such mood, try to avoid issue of commenting his life. He flirts like other man, but he has a built in brake.He falls in love as easy as he catches cold, especially if she is cute,
funny and she has a strong personality but once he is in love, that's it. No one can tell how long he will be in love each time. If you want to really hold Sagittarius man, act like you are in an adventure movie. At all time, you should make yourself lively, tells him some jokes, always be cute so that it will ease up his allergy to others a bit.

* Loyal and generous

* Patriotic
* Active in games and interactions
* Impatient and hasty
* Ambitious
* Influential in organisations
* Fun to be with
* Loves to socialise
* Loves praises
* Loves attention
* Loves to be loved
* Honest and trustworthy
* Not pretending
* Short tempered
* Changing personality
* Not egoistic
* Takes high pride in oneself
* Hates restrictions
* Loves to joke
* Good sense of humor

This is my baby's.
She will stand out of the crowd on the street. Leo woman normally tall or rather tall. You will hardly see a short thick woman. When she walks she walk like a queen, confident and does not look around, though as if there is no one around her.

She will dress in her own style not according to fashion. She is confident of what she choose to wear. Do not buy cheap cloths where they sell in dozen for her as a gift, she will hate it. Also do not buy cloths that do not reflect her confident personality. She likes unique and strange cloths and accessories. Being different is what she loves.

If you want to know her, take times and be patient because she is selective about people she mingles with. She's open minded, but yet she is not letting people get to close to her easily. She likes sweet words and compliments, but not too much.

She smiles with anyone, but inside she thinks she is borne to be a leader. She likes to be in control because it is in her nature instinct. She is a graceful woman , and she has a magnetic charisma, so expect tough competition.

She is a very proud person, so do not do anything to challenge her confident. She can be mad and act like a hurricane, and later can be like an innocent kitten, but do not fall for her O.K. She remembers everything and likes to cherish her sweet memory, so if you find her old photo albums with her ex-boyfriend or love letters that will make you puke, take it easy. She is keeping her sweet memory does not mean she still in love with the old fool, so you do not have to panic.

She will have many guys run after her, so if you have advantage of a good background family, or a famous last name, a successful career then it's a plus. She hates to be poor and she thinks love will not pay bills.

She is a sport type and love sports. If you want to date her, prepare to spend big bugs, for your first dinner with her can not be a hot dog stand, but better be the best place in town. She is a generous person, so do not be surprise if she give you a gift more expensive than what you gave her. She likes extravaganza, no cheap gift, no cheap dinner please. Being poor or broke make her depress. If you do not have lots of money, be creative and make your own gift for her. It's unique quality and times spending making it for her is a big deal. You can think economical, but do not be cheap.

* Fun to be with
* Secretive
* Difficult to fathom and to be understood
* Quiet unless excited or tensed
* Takes pride in oneself
* Has reputation
* Easily consoled
* Honest
* Concern about people's feelings
* Tactful
* Friendly
* Approachable
* Very emotional
* Tempramental and unpredictable
* Moody and easily hurt
* Witty and sarky
* Sentimental
* Not revengeful
* Forgiving but never forgets
* Dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things
* Guides others physically and mentally
* Sensitive and forms impressions carefully
* Caring and loving
* Treats others equally
* Strong sense of sympathy
* Wary and sharp
* Judge people through observations
* Hardworking
* No difficulties in studying
* Loves to be alone!
* Always broods about the past and the old friends
* Likes to be quiet
* Homely person
* Waits for friends
* Never looks for friends
* Not aggressive unless provoked
* Prone to having stomach and dieting problems
* Loves to be loved
* Easily hurt but takes long to recover
* Overly concerned
* Puts in effort in work

How true was that? you judge :)

If you want to find out about yours or your loved one/s,
leave your email address,horoscope & gender as a comment.
and I will send it to you as soon as possible :)

*As soon as possible as in a week time? as rui will be away to thailand for days.


Silver Violinist said...

hmmm impressive. =P

horoscope: aries
gender: female

my boyfriend's horoscope: Pieces
gender: male

Wenz 宛仟 & Denz 浩安 said...

I'm a Leo but birthday month is August. Though my HB's birthday month is december but he is a Capricorn.

I'd think it's 88% accurate after reading the LEO analysis. The only exception is I can definitely go thru thick & thin with my man. It's okay to be extravagant once in a while but I like simple lifestyle too!!! :p

omgwenzilla said...

hey, read this post from nuffnang innit.
but i'm curious about mine!
aries, female. :)

thank you!

-I Wanna Cryy- said...


My email's

:) Interesting.

BernardC said...

Lilian Thoo in the making??

-angeL- said...

i dun normally believe in all these stuffs but whateheck. i wanna see how accurate it is.

my email u know.
my horoscope: taurus.
im female. duh.

so lemme lnow! :)

curryegg said...

Hello Rui!
Hahaha.. really 'chun'?

May I have one?
female, virgo :

Thank you oh..
HAppy Holiday to you. remember to snap more photos from your Thailand trip ya.. ^_^

Alina said...

Hello! i wanna know too =p! Fascinating!

horoscope: Saggitarius
gender: female

Thank you! :D

Simon Seow said...
horoscope: Leo
gender: male

lovie said...


My email:

My horoscope: Saggitarius
Gender: female

His horoscope: Virgo

Thank you :D

NIkki said...


mine is sagi, but im female. lol...

partner's virgo female.

send it to


RachelHo said...

the sag part is damn true. will ya kindly emal me the capricorn for female? my email is

seojinxian said...

Awesome :)

Email :
Horoscope : Taurus.
Gender : Female.

Oh and, my blog :

geNe said...

i would like to know about male libra, female virgo, and aries' female. =)


Bobble said...

hello! gender:female
horoscope: taurus

my bf's: taurus
gender: male

Chee said...

send to mine?
horoscope: Libra
gender: male

and could u send me the female one as well? thanks.

xavia said...

i wanna know mine pls!:)


Princess NANA said...
12october, LIBRA

g i n t e e said...

can i get scorpio 1 for both male and female?



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Konea Kamin said...

waaah! :D i oso wanna noe mine!

horoscope: aquarius
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yenniedoll said...

wuah, in a week time??? @@

mine mine, im a gemini =) female

yenniedoll said...

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CarrieChungie said...

Damn. It's so true.

KC said...

Dear red red, me also want ya .. all if possible hehe

if too lazy to give all then gimme taurus n capricorn

kam siah

Ruionkoh said...

Dear readers who left a commented,

All horoscope analysis as demanded have been sent out. If you dont receive any, please leave another comment and I will follow-up with your order. Thanks.


yenniedoll said...

rui, i want gemini man too =)

thanks.. wow... mine is very...

.:shirlyn:. said...

how about me?uncle rui!

male for,
capricorn n gemini

hehe!thanks ya ;)

yenniedoll said...

mom- sagi (female)
sis- libra(female)

plus the gemini guy (my bf)

all end to

thankies much!

missyme. said...

hi, i would love to have mine.

Saggitarius, female, november.


Leo, male, july.



mac said...

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