Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Moment With My Kakiis

Tho finals is killing me but still I dont wanna miss my chance to
share a moment which I had with my kakiis that I will never forget in my entire life.
(since the Kakiis - "Share a Moment with Your Kakiis Contest" is still on. )

Ever wonder why do we have two legs kakis only?

Whats the point of having 10
legs kakis if none of them can support you?
Same goes to kakiis.

Look who's got the best buddies around~


From left: i) my current roomate in hostel Qi Quan(Nick: ah soon),
ii) me(Nick: ah kiam)
iii) official leng zai Nian Yang(ah siong)

(captured back in 2006)
Venue-St Francis Institution aka our high school' compound
Event-Red Crescent Society's Campfire 2006

We were classmates in both primary and secondary school.
(*ah soon is also my current collegekaki+coursekaki+roomkaki right now lol)
How many of your secondarykakiis were your primarykakiis?

We know each other for 10 years already.
How many kakiis or yours expired before it even touches 5 years?

We called each other by father's name nicknames.
How often do you have standardized nicks among your kakiis?

We joined the same uniform body aka Red Crescent Society.
How often can you drag your kakiis to join the same society as you do?

We were the committees for the entire uniform body.
How often do you manage an organization together with your kakiis?

We were the committees for the campfire.
How often do you manage a big event with your kakiis?

We were the performers.
How often do you perform to the public together with your kakiis?

We went Mohawk just to fit ourselves into the campfire's tribal theme.
How many of your kakiis would be willing to do that?

We stayed overnight in each other's house just for the campfire preparation.
How often would you be allowed to crash in your kakiis' house with Mohawk hair?

We skipped tuitions maximized our time just to practice.
How often do your kiasu kakiis agree to skip tuitions to be dedicated?

We went to the same tuitions by the way.
How many of your tuitions were the same as your kakiis'?

We rehearsed our performance in Century Mahkota Hotel's car park.
(*ah soon's dad used to own a unit of that hotel)
How often do you do a tribal dance with your kakiis in the public?

We, of course, put up a good show.
How rare is it for kakiis to put up a show without major conflicts.

Once kakiis..

Still kakiis..
Forever kakiis..

Weren't you?

You might be wondering how did we return to school with our mohawk haircut?


We went bald together.


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

lol that's crazy but pretty fun ^^

just apple said...

lol the first pic is hilarious..LOL..><' insane..><' support my Apple Awards 2008 ruion!~

.:shirlyn:. said...

you guys really scarify for it huh... cool!

justin_5 said...

yoh...bulu kaki je lebih.. btw.. how to pronounce ur name a?

blue_racoon said...

haha...the crazy things we do duing our student life!!

last time my frens lagi siao....remember a few years back the haze was so bad in KL & Selangor that the goverment declared a "state of emergency"?

we were to stay indoors and not to go outdoors for obvious reasons. What my friends did was to shoot a video of themselves having fun outdoors. You could actually see that the haze was really that bad, we couldn't see our faculty building altho it was like < 100meters in front of us..

Yi Ling said...

LOL! i see that those 2 kakiis of yours were great buddies! seriously, how often do one's friend go that far for each other la huh. aint easy. great to see that you've such great friends :D

JustJasmine said...

I envy your "feet"

Spectre said...


Wen said...


[Alex Lee] said...

ahaha fun fun fun! :)