Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Talking less is more,talking more is less?

Emo Post
If you were wondering why I strikeout the "emo post"
its because I frigging wrote another emo post again.
Fortunately enough I ended not posting it
after playing 10 times of my fav song
emoness shreds off *waves* :)

Still, I doubt why am I stuck to mah fav song as i am not supposed to?

heres a conversation between
me and
shaun (high school senior aka ex hornyclassmate's bro LOL)

(1:31 AM) - sunflowarui- <: lol i just deleted an emo post.i wrote it but deleted.
(1:31 AM) - sunflowarui- <:feelin better at least
(1:31 AM) - sunflowarui- <:lol
(1:31 AM) - sunflowarui- <:weird i knw
(1:32 AM) shaun~:lol ...
(1:32 AM) shaun~:naah ... its okie one ... i think evertbody oso got emo time one... only guys like to act though.
(1:33 AM) - sunflowarui- <:and ironically girls love guys who act tough
(1:33 AM) - sunflowarui- <:dammit
(1:35 AM) shaun~:lol .. >.<
(1:35 AM) - sunflowarui- <:they er feel secure?>
(1:35 AM) - sunflowarui- <:LOL. I am not anywhere near to tough. LOL
(1:36 AM) shaun~:girls are weird .. coz when ppl act tough... they want them to talk more..but when guys talk... they say too emo
(1:36 AM) - sunflowarui- <:lol just like how guys judge their boobs
(1:36 AM) - sunflowarui- <:when its big, they want it to be firm; when its firm they want it to be big lol
(1:38 AM) shaun~:lol...
(1:38 AM) shaun~:yea.. i prefer firm compared to big... lol
(1:38 AM) - sunflowarui- <:great im gotta replace my emo post with this


Bonus track:

(1:38 AM) shaun~:pamela anderson makes me
(1:39 AM) - sunflowarui- <:sagging-oversize boobs turn me off too
(1:39 AM) shaun~:lol ...

So girls, now you know.


Jenna said...

it's a bit of both actually.. not too emo and not too tough..

as for the boobs part, most girls would prefer firm not big though *imagine pamela anderson...eew*

Satkuru said...

it depends i guess. some girls like to dominate and prefer guys who aren't really tough and vice versa :P

as for the boobs, lol can't agree more with jenna. pamela's is ermmmm way over the top. hahaha. natural ftw :)

Ruionkoh said...

lol not too emo and not too tough, i doubt any guy fit into that category. girls are good at labeling guys XD
yeah pamela is ewwing.i agree.

nice one.tat was a nice one.correct, diff girls have diff likes XD same to guys. lol yeah ewwing pamela.


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

hehe. emo emo emo.

A guy must be tough in the heart, you dont need to look tough. A girl wont like a guy that act tough right. I know most guy out there act tough only to people that is weaker or nice to them.

When you get to know someone, ur perception changes. If someone is tough in the heart, he would look tough eventhough physically he is not really tough. i guess. ^^

Yi Ling said...

okay. that conversation was just -________- LOL. to think you can even come up with something like that. LOL.

Cathy said...

only you can think of such

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

Yiling & Cathy > you guys referring to me?. lol. shy**

Cathy i bet you liked you bf more when u get to know him better and the way you think about him changes over time.

Autumn Babe said...

wait! your conclusion... err... firm is better than just big la?