Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 chaochee bye. 2009 must be good.

2008 wasnt a very good year to me.(excluding the last few days of 2008 XD)
(will do a review on my entire 2008 if i happen to have time)

and here, I present you a vid which i find it quite motivating to start off your new year.

Dream big, live big.
My dream is to travel the world, at least half of it, with my loved one.
Dream lar wey. XD
Anyhow mind you dreams are often the generators to success :)

Happy NEW year everyone :)


and together,
we shall sail thru the 2009.

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Tekkaus said...

Hie, my 1st time here! Yupe! 2008 is the worst year of my life. Hope 2009 will be a lil better! =)

Happy New Year! =)