Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Am the man who cant be moved.

Dont even try.

Not even the next decade.

Coz Im tied up physically and mentally to this Horny lil devil of mine.

Guess what?
Baby was forced to be horny!

Ooo la la!

dont believe?


Now you do! XD

And what happened when
da mentally-Horny-yet-innocent-Rui met da physically-Hornyrierie?

*squeak squeak XD

Like she mentioned..
I lurve squashing her because shes small
I squash her too much till shes petite?

(Grrr iwannasquasherriteherritenow.*miss)

And there was how we spent our New Year eve together..
along with her not-so-quiet-gang of friends haha
in geographer cafe XD
It was fun :)
Just a short one as I have been falling asleep truout this post tsk.
(It was a busy day as I woke up at 7, drove back to college, registered myself,
and the worst part, cleaned my room for like 5 hours, at least.)

*A line of b's words today(yesterday) was very much touching! :)

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