Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brave dog.

A dog was barking like hell in my inbox.
fyi, I have 64734839 unread forwarded mails.

But this BRAVE dog definitely caught my attention.


The not-so-perverted-rui sees the philosophy behind this pic..
Do you?
Fine. pervert you.

Here it goes..

"What is the difference between humans and animals?
animals have no idea that they need to love to fuck."

"It doesnt matter who you are or what you are..
as what matters is who you THINK you are."

"People laugh at you for being a wannabe;
it doesnt matter if you know you are gonnabe..."

"Nobody can stop you from loving someone,
except yourself."

"Theres no goddam rule which stated that,
only tiger-mates-tiger..
or only handsome-mates-beauty..
things are there for you to change;
a dog can have a tiger heart,
as how a handsome is not necessary
to have a handsome heart."

"If you can't beat your enemies,
never try to bitch around,
be a male,
Fuck emright in the asshole!"

"In life, sometimes, you have to roar like a tiger,
even if you know that you are just a dog."

done with my philosophy.
7 should be more than enough.
Have you gotten any by looking at the picture?



maRCus said...

LOL... must be a dam kau horny dog!!

either that, or its gone off abit..!!

you never fail to surprise me! XD XD XD

Lynn said...

Either the dog damn brave or the dog damn horny like u XD

Tekkaus said...

Ouh my God! Is this really happening? Are you sure this photo aren't doctored? God! They are not even from the same "family"!