Thursday, January 22, 2009

JOGOYA VIP for free!




for FREE!

Too tired for much explanation.
In short, its annual dinner for the event stage-setting company which I have been working for part time since last year.

Before I recover from the exhaustion of last weekend's marathon work, its already the annual dinner for the company aka 收工宴(cina companies sure to have this kinda dinner to retreat the employees before CNY)

Work. Lol.

(Set and ruined a few stages.
The biggest one would be Herbal Life's anniversary nite's stage.
Will update about it later.)

So I skipped a tutorial class for lame critical thinking subject which I was told that it was superduperultrahyper lame

The only thing worth mentioning was that me and my roomate(who I dragged along to work together last year) encountered two Transexuals in the Monorail. We fucking dint know they are transexual until they started speaking with their josh-gorban's-voice and I lost quarter of my appetite on the spot EW!

2hours exactly to reach Sg Wank Wang from Nilai.

Jogoya is located in Starhill Gallery btw.

A sneak peak at the interior of Jogoya.
btw, photographing the interior design is disallowed in Jogoya.


Note: I was asked not to shoot any pic der but with my cheating skills in examination since primary, I shot quite a numbers lol.
I frigging risked my life. O.o

Warning: Do not proceed reading IF you are easily aroused by mouth-watering food.


chicken fish mushroom etc.


marshmallow Mua chi.

Steamed fish waza best I think.

Sashimi . Rawwwwwww.

Da spotlight.
Rawwwww Oysters.

Sushi neh?
haik haik!

Yummy soupy.

Da drinks:-

Taste like liang teh, looks like liang teh but it is not liang teh.

Do you like my two C cup sharp-edged coconuts?
Da coconuts = nice anyway.
Jepun neh coconut tasted like thailand coconut neh! deska deska?

We had cocks' heads tails.

Others drinks which are served :
Red wine, Coffees, Expresso, 903940 types of cina tea, soft drinks, fruit juice etc

Da Dessert:-

Food for the VIPs!

(Limited to one VIP-dish for each person.)
My choice.

The others:-


The additional VIP dishes who came in half an hour before our session ended.
(when everyone was already shuper bloated)

Some expensive crabs.

Some expensive fishes.

Rojak Buah-buahan Jogoya .

The wild creatures/monsters crazee people:-

Da not-so-old boss!

Da Blur King superstar who ate a full plate of
during the last company's buffet.

Da Spongebob's lover...

aka The-Guy-Who-Eats-Jellyfishes-Like-Eating-Meesiam.

Da dancinglion who reached earlier before CNY.

Da couple and their "candle"light dinner.

The angry couple and the retarded waiters who poured tea into wine.
yeah, hes a soon-to-be-lawyer.

Da everybody.
( Note: me and my roomate, the 1989 babies are the youngest employees among all.
The youngest person there after us are still 1987 babies LOL.
Fyi, some of them are OLD 24,25, 27 and so on.)

Da Summary of what me and my roomate have swalloed :-
(We think we tried ALL the food except cookies and spaghettis. )

Drinks I had: Sips of cocktails, 3 coconuts, 5+ cups of tea, Not-so-liang-teh liang teh etc.

The layers structure in my stomach now:
1st layer/round: Cooked food.(All tried)
2nd layer/round: raw food.(All tried)
3rd layer/round: Deep-fried food.
(All tried)
4th layer/round: VIP dishes. (All tried)
5th layer/round: soup
6th layer/round: cakes and puddings(17 types, All tried)

7th layer/round: Haagen dazs Ice Creams(12 flavours, All tried)

Btw, we encountered a gay couple in the ktm on the way back.
And also a bapok behind us when we were out from the ktm.
From transexuals to gays to sissy, what an exciting day!

bie XD


Lynn said...

wei you should pay for my medication fee leh. Finger scroll until patah XD

Anonymous said...

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Tekkaus said... a long, long post! Looked like a very hearty meal. You surely can't walk after that right? LOL Anyway I wanna wish you happy chinese cow year! May the God of prosperity bless with you with lots of money. And may you always be in good health! =)

Yi Ling said...

long post + good food = ROAR. haha. the food looks damn delicious la =.="

maRCus said...

babi... i cant believe i just spent time to scroll down staring straight at every delicious looking food pic and drooling..

and you NVR even suggested how to get a VIP pass like you! haiyookkK!!! >_________<

metalpanda said...

wow.... very nice... btw, does the food as nice as last time? bcoz i heard the food is getting tasteless and less.... and heard of food poisoning on there recently.. i m planing going this Saturday tim....

Baby said...

so good to be vip..

HitoMi^^ said... nice!! jogoya for Dinner!!
how come they dun allow you to take picture??

debra fong said...



Chien & Chong said...

i jus pass by.. attract by ur jogoya post.. ^^

ShiJing said...

>_< hungry~~

anonymous said...

There's no more food poisoning in Jogoya. I'm sure with it.

They are just rumors spread around.

choilah said...

my friend just came back from jogoya with food poisoning (2 out of 2)