Thursday, January 1, 2009

The last yet perfect outing in 2008.

It was me+mah sis' idea quite a long time ago.
Yes, to shop in KL.
I drove.

Of course, mah baby went along. XD
It made the trip even much more meaningful.
as two of the most important people in my life tagged along!
It somehow stopped me from labeling 2008 as the worst year..
as I had the best cross-state outing before 2008 ends.

Things got even more interesting when my sis told me that...
she got me a PMS GPS!
So, we managed to travel further instead of just Sunway Pyramid
(as theres the only place in KL that I know how to reach by driving)

Things turned perfect as sis' pilot BF aka jonboi was free to join us.
It was some sorta double date.
cool isnt it?

We went 1Utama btw.

Did according to plan.
(I somehow felt bad as three persons were to escort me to shop haha sorry bie,jie & jon)

What did I buy?
Figure it out when its CNY.LOL.

During time out,
we so called "chilled out" in Chilis.

The HUGE hot couple.
(as compared to the miniature couple, me and rie lar!haijor T.T)

toldju, they are huge hot. HAHA.

We ordered excitedly as we were all starving.
1 main course for each of us.

FYI, we didnt finish our food. LOL.
(but the food were all delicious! 10 times better than TGI Friday , the serving was bigger than TGI's too.)
I doubt Sis and bie could even finish a main course together. ha XD
As usual, Malaysia tradition, Dabao lar!

Thanks to jonboi for the meal.
It frigging cost him RM160.
I felt so bad till my sis said its okay since hes earning more already X.x
(shall rob him soon ^^)
Nyhow, still, thanksssssss a million for the meal yea sis and jonboi!

In short, the outing/trip was a success.

It woudn't have been one if it wasnt because of these darlings:-

Thanks ♥jonboi for leading us to 1U, for the food, for accompanying sista, for the place etc.

Thanks ♥sista for the suggestions given, for the plan, for the GPS(if it wasnt because of that, I doubt we could gt back malacca on that day itself haha), for being patient, for not minding being a "lamppost" at times, for the companion, for the food etc.

Thanks ♥bie for the companion, for the opinions given, for the laughter, for the huggies, for the kisses, for trying to help me to save money by not looking at any stuff(tsk still feel bad even till now), for trying to stay awake so to keep me awake while I was driving(tho it turned out mi looking at the adorable her yawning and falling asleep), for bie's willingness to step into my heart etc.

Thanks to bie, sis and jon once again.


Anonymous said...

yee ying is actually your sis? LOL

Ruionkoh said...

er Godsis.
It has been yearssss XD.