Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have you ever...

Note: Skip this if you dislike personal post.

Have you ever felt like a nobody?

Have you ever doubted WHAT are you instead of WHO are you?

Have you ever had 3 out of 4 subjects which are 100% course-marks-orientated?

Have you ever needed to maintain 3.5CGPA when you are having 3 100% orientated course marks?

Have you ever experienced the time when all the people around you remember you by your car rather than your name?

Have you ever pretended to be happy just to make the people around you happy?

Have you ever got the urge to ring up Befrienders?

Have you ever thought that there would be somebody there to hold you when you are down just like how you fucking held them when they were down?

Have you ever felt unappreciated though you thought you have done much enough?

Have you ever got turned down when you were to give your partner a simple peck?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of not receiving as much as you have given?

Have you ever experienced others taking things for granted?

Have you ever acted like a selfless person just because you wanted to make the people around you happy?

Have you ever experienced the difficulties to juggle between family, friendship, studies and partner?

Have you ever got disappointed with the outcome of the priority that you have set just to know that things are not vice versa?

Have you ever....

experienced the time when you thought know that you are supposed to be happy but you are not?



Please tell me im on the right path.
My mood is dropping as much as the stockmarket drops.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malaysians are horny?

I have been busy dealing with sex provider Durex recently.
For blardy ass assignment of course.


According to Durex Sex Survey,


"Malaysians are conservative."


Saturday, February 21, 2009

These guys need som life! (feat Rihanna)

We all know.
Chris Brown deserved to be fucked.
In the ass, in the mouth, everywhere else,
as long as he gets injured at least as much as this..


IS THAT the ella-ella RIHANNA?"

Yes it is!dammit.
Its rihanna leaked battered-woman-photo from the police.
For more information, read HERE.
Gutter post is fast as usual.


Kay done with the hollywood drama,
now back to bolehland drama.
I hereby present you a bastard of all..

This guy didnt physically abuse his gf but
he did mentally abused her. VERY MUCH
wat the fuck.
He is a frigging coward that fucking humiliated his own gf
through da third party
Is that how you fucking show love?
I dont find it funny;
do read the comments,
many dont find it farny either.

Why does the bastard complain so much?
It was his Lala mind who made him to choose her as his gf~
he is such a retard who cnt express his dissatisfaction
towards his gf's fashion sense.

As a boyfriend, a partner, a soulmate,
his duty is to make her improve, to protect her so that
she doesnt get humiliated by the public.


he frigging just humiliated his own gf in the public.
what was that?
now da internet users are laughing at his gf getting humiliated
he must be happy now?

For ONCE, Im defending da Lalas.

P/S: Digi and marketers deserve a fuck for this.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Gutter Post moved!

The mighty gutter post.
A leisure-reading E-Lad-mag blog.
(but they do have heaps of female readers too)
A Scandalous blog.

It is always among the 1st website to post scandalous photos.
From Edison Chen to Elizabeth Wong.
A blog for you to be aware of how dumb can celebrities and some politicians be.
The darker side of the glamarous celebrities from
Hollywood to Bollywood
to Tigerwoods.

Anyhow the original link,
is not working anymore.
(due to the posting of Elizabeth 's scandal photos)

Dont worry..
its up here in a new URL.

have fun.

Click at your own risk;
As it may cause erection contains adult content.
If you are under 13,
please dont click.
please click on it only when your parents are not around.

P/S: And remember to delete your browsing history.

fuck, kid, I think you just clicked?

(Btw, this post of mine is sure to save a life of my friend's.
Jeff just couldnt leave without it in France lol.)


Monday, February 16, 2009

LALA iZ a SeA CrEaTuRe O!

Friendster used to be cool.
Not anymore.
Due to the attack of sea creatures with shells like LALAs and Kupangs.
Some NGOs have taken the initiative to kill these pests.
One of em actually added me up in friendster.

Anyhow do entertain urself with some profile pics of that NGO. LOL

We share the same passion.

Direct Translation:
Boobs big no brain.

Power rangers lenjers.

Bruce Bulus Lee.

I would rather have no time in life and die rather than having this piece of TIME.

its Rain-ing.
at least not anywhere under my pants.

comment this pic with three words.
Ell O Ell.

A bitch or not none of my business.
but one thing for sure is that I could do better than her even without the dress.
Click HERE if what I said couldnt convince you.

Nabeh got waterproof camera then lansi?

"Kawaiineh" is what he was expecting me to say?
I stared at it for 3days
yet I still think the stray hairy furry pussy cat in the backyard is cuter.

Oriental style blink blink yo!
does it remind you of dong dong chiang?
yes the langsai who dances.

familiar enough.
I think I saw a couple of em back when I last visited Thailand.

I would have respected him much
IF he were to borrow his fren's Lamborghini
and snap this at the driver's seat.

"Gimme gimme more!gimme more!"
said the 3rd person from left.


Nawe, santa clause dyed his hair.
CNY mood ma

I have a doubt.
*peep into his pants*
KNN.same corour lor.

Genetic modified puffer fish(LALA genetic added) on cheap sales.

They are good kids.
Dam you, you just stereotyped.

Just another sea creature.

I doubt the CHARISMA..
or izzit KALIS-AIR-MA?

LALA yoU ThInK nO NeRd De MeHh xiXixiXi. o(^.^)o

LOL. this pic's caption iz da best.

I praise, admire and worship them so much from time to time.
Thank them.
Without them, this world would lose 90% of its laughter.
As to show my appreciation to em,
I am putting this badge at the side bar of mi blog.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rihanna Tio Pak (Updated)

New reports detail the extent of Rihanna's injuries, allegedly inflicted by Brown. People magazine says the 20-year-old singer suffered a black eye and bruises at the hand of Chris, while a police source tells the magazine that the altercation left Rihanna with "a swollen, split lip and two red and purple contusions on either side of her forehead."

Read it here and here.

Gua mia prediction was right?
(refer to my previous post.)

But right eye or left eye..
still a question mark.

I bet 10 bucks on her left eye.
because Chris Brown is left handed.
I think.

Rihanna tio pak,
Chirsbrown kiam pak!
I never respect guys who beat up girls


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rihanna concert postponed!


THE HOLY cow PAS again?
(Read THIS and THIS to see how char siao annoying can they be.)

Boh lah.
Rihanna tiok pak liao lor.
Sibeh jialat kua.
(Translation: Nolah, Rihanna kena whack, dam eat strength.)

"The R&B star involved in an altercation with her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, after a pre-Grammy Awards party, that left bruises and a scratch on her face, according to US media reports."

Siao liao lo ji bai.
(Translation: mad already lo cheebye this time)

Nawe, lu suan O lang meh.
(Translation: I am not Racist.)


Monday, February 9, 2009


what who am i?

Hold me tight,
never let me fall.

even if I fall.
it would be the last one.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cunning couples.

Not da lovey dovey couples in your mind.
But just some vocab couples.
Yes, my blog is getting educational.
Everybody say "wOw!"
good boi.

I have to admit these are my common mistakes
and maybe yours too.
Have a look?
Credit to The Star Online.

Accept (v.) — to agree to take something.

Except (prep.) — not including.

“Boss, I accept all your free books except ‘1,000 Ways to Manage Houseflies’,” said Pee Nang to Kay El.

Advice (n.) — one’s opinion about what somebody else should do or how they should behave.

Advise (v.) — to give advice to somebody or to recommend something to somebody.

“Are you sure, Pee Nang? I’d strongly advise you to reconsider the manual. You may regret not taking my advice if you’re suddenly faced with flies,” Kay El said.

Affect (v., pronounced uh-fekt) — to have influence on something or somebody.

Effect (n., pronounced ee-fekt) — a change produced by an action or a cause.

“Yes, I’m positive, Kay El,” Pee Nang answered. “If my mother’s way of handling house flies has affected them greatly by reducing them to zero, I don’t think I need to know the effect that 999 other ways have on them.”

All ready — completely prepared.

Already (adv.) — previously or by this time.

“Ahh ... looks like your house is all ready for living,” Kay El praised. “To tell you the truth, although I’ve already read the manual twice, I’m still having problems at my home!”

Beside (prep.) — at the side of somebody or something.

Besides (prep.) — in addition.

Pee Nang laughed. “I’ll be happy to tell my mother about your housefly problem. Since she lives beside my house, she could drop by your place later. Besides, she will be excited to have you try the apple pie she baked today.”

Complement (v.) — to add new or contrasting features which show the best qualities of something or which improve it.

Compliment (v.) — express praise, admiration or approval.

“That will be wonderful!” Kay El said. “I always forget to compliment your mother on her apple pie. It will be the perfect complement to the vanilla ice cream I’m having for dessert tonight.”

Dessert (n., pronounced dee-zert) — any sweet food eaten at the end of a meal.

Desert1 (n., pronounced deh-zert) — a large area of land that has very little water and very few plants growing on it, e.g. the Sahara Desert.

Desert2 (v., pronounced dee-zert) — to go away from a place without intending ever to return.

“Ice cream for dessert?” Pee Nang exclaimed. “Your place doesn’t exactly sound like the depressing desert1 you always portray it to be. You make it seem as if the whole world has deserted2 you!”

Maybe (adv.) — perhaps.

May be — to express possibility.

Maybe I could have exaggerated my situation a bit. But seriously, I may be having a rather serious house fly problem,” Kay El explained in a doleful tone.

Breath (n., pronounced breh-th) — the air you take into and let out of your lungs.

Breathe (v., pronounced bree-th) — the act of taking air into and letting out of your lungs.

“Okay, take a deep breath,” Pee Nang assured Kay El with a smile. “I may have been too hard on you. Once my mother works her magic at your place, I’m sure you’ll breathe easier after that.”

Coincident (adj.) — happening in the same place or at the same time.

Coincidence (n.) — similar event happening at the same time by chance.

“Talking about breathing, isn’t it a coincidence that the houseflies started appearing the day after you came over with those pungent prawn crackers?” Kay El remarked. “I remember reading that the presence of house flies is coincident with the presence of dried seafood.”

Loose (adj.) — not tight.

Lose (v.) — present tense for “lost”.

“Now, now, Kay El, let’s not lose track of the discussion here,” Pee Nang said hurriedly. “We were talking about fixing your house fly problem.”

In an undertone, he muttered, “And not about a loose pack of prawn crackers disappearing in your home ...”

Later (adv.) — afterwards.

Latter (adj.) — the second of two things or people already mentioned.

“You were going to confirm the time my mother could drop by later. Now you’re going back to a visit I made in the past,” Pee Nang reminded Kay El. “Let’s not confuse the former with the latter, shall we?”

Principal (n.) — administrator.

Principle (n.) — guiding rule for personal behaviour.

“I’m sure you were on company business. I know you to be a man of principle,” Kay El said. “The head of the Personnel Department is always acting like a school principal.”

Quiet (adj., pronounced kwai-yuht) — silent.

Quite (adv. Pronounced kwait) — very or actually.

“You are quite right I am!” Pee Nang replied emphatically. “Now that we are all settled, I’ll just slip away quietly.”

Than (conj.) — used after a comparative like “faster”, “cleaner”, “healthier”, etc.

Then (adv.) — referring to a time in the past or future.

Waving goodbye, Pee Nang called out, “I’ll see you later then!”

As Kay El waved in return, he wondered if managing his house fly problem would be easier than managing his young employee.

Christine Jalleh is a communications specialist with a Master’s degree in English Language studies. She blogs about communications and business English at


And heres my version of

Cunt-ing (click for definition) Cunning Couples.

Park (v., pronounced pahrk) - to place or leave (a vehicle) in a certain place for a period of time.

Fark (v., pronounced as furhk) - to place or leave(a sex organ) in a certain part for a period of time. Also known as Fuck.

You park your car in the parking lot but not to fark your car in the free farking lot.

Hahaha (n. pronounced as hah-hah-hah) - used as an exclamation or representation of laughter, as in expressing amusement or derision.

Xixixi (n. pronounced as xi-xi-xi) - stupidly used as an retarded exclamation or representation of fake laughter for Ah Lians aka Lala, as in expressing amusement or derision exaggeratedly.

I will Hahaha until my balls turn square whenever I see Friendster comment with Xixixi (o^.^o).

Ruionkoh (n., pronounced Royion-co) — A kinda legendary cute sexay blogger who suck at blogging but enjoys blogging and was named after Ruionkoh simply because it is the reverse sequence of "its" name, Rui-Hong-Koh. Said to be deeply in lurve with CarrieChungie.

Ruion Koh (n. Pronounced Royion Co) — This person is yet to be found.

Ruionkoh just fucked that person upside down as the person kept calling him Ruion Koh, assuming that "Ruion" is his Christian name.

Fuck with or without object?

Missing bie.
Thinking of bie. T.T