Friday, February 20, 2009

Gutter Post moved!

The mighty gutter post.
A leisure-reading E-Lad-mag blog.
(but they do have heaps of female readers too)
A Scandalous blog.

It is always among the 1st website to post scandalous photos.
From Edison Chen to Elizabeth Wong.
A blog for you to be aware of how dumb can celebrities and some politicians be.
The darker side of the glamarous celebrities from
Hollywood to Bollywood
to Tigerwoods.

Anyhow the original link,
is not working anymore.
(due to the posting of Elizabeth 's scandal photos)

Dont worry..
its up here in a new URL.

have fun.

Click at your own risk;
As it may cause erection contains adult content.
If you are under 13,
please dont click.
please click on it only when your parents are not around.

P/S: And remember to delete your browsing history.

fuck, kid, I think you just clicked?

(Btw, this post of mine is sure to save a life of my friend's.
Jeff just couldnt leave without it in France lol.)


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KL boy said...

Do you have any idea how to visit thegutterpost now? pls let me know ,